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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Ste|warde execu|ted.His nephew Robert Stewarde was not al|togither ſo cruelly executed: But Robert Gra|ham, for that it was knowne that he ſlue the king wyth his owne handes,The ordering of Robert Grahams exe|cution. was put into a Carte, the hande that did the deede being faſtened to a payre of Gallowes, whiche were reared vp in the ſame Carte, and then were three perſons appoin|ted to thruſt him through in all partes of his bo|die wyth hote Irons, beginning firſte in thoſe places where it was thought no haſtye death woulde thereof enſue, as in the legges, armes, thighes and ſhoulders, and thus was hee caryed through euery ſtreete of the towne, and tormen|ted in moſt miſerable wiſe, and at length had his belly ript, and was bowelled and quartered as the other were before.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Chriſtofer Clawn alſo,Chriſtopher Clawn. and other that were of counſayle in the conſpiracie, were putte to moſte ſhamefull kyndes of deathes, as they had iuſtlye deſerued, fewe or none lamenting theyr caſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the dayes of King Iames the firſt,Straunge ſightes. ſun|drie ſtraunge and monſtruous things chaunced in Scotland.

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