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How vpright a iuſticier he was,An vpright iuſticier. and vertuous in all his demeanours, it maye appeare by that EEBO page image 385 which before is wrytten of hys gouernment.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Nobles and Peeres of the Realme right ſorrowfull for his death, aſſembled togyther, and made ſuche earneſt and diligent ſearche for the Traytours before mentioned,The ſearche made for the traytors. that at the length they were apprehended and brought to Edenbourgh, where they were executed on thys maner.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Athole, whiche was not one|ly principall in practiſe of thys treaſon concer|ning the kings death, but alſo in tymes paſt was chiefe of counſell with Robert Duke of Albanie in the making awaye of Dauid the Kings eldeſt brother, and after the Kings returne foorth of Englande, did moſte earneſtly ſolicite him to put Duke Mordo to death, with all other of hys lynage, truſting that when they were diſpatched, he ſhoulde finde meanes to rid the King alſo, and his children out of the way, and ſo at length at|tayne to the crowne without any obſtacle.The execution of the Earle of Athole. This Earle (I ſay) was firſt ſtripped of all his clothes, ſaue only his ſhyrt, and then was an inſtrument of wood made like to the drawer of a well, ſet faſt in a Cart with a frame.

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