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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Not long before this time,Ambaſſadors out of Den|marke. there came an Ambaſſade from the King of Denmarke vnto king Iames, requiring him to make payment of ſuch yearely tribute as was due to the ſayde king of Denmark, being alſo king of Norway,Their requeſt. for the weſterne Iles, according to the promiſe and a|greement made by Alexander ſometime king of Scotland, the thirde of that name, vnto his pre|deceſſor Magnus, at that time king of Norway.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Ambaſſadours that came with this meſ|ſage, were honourably receyued, and in like ſort enterteyned by king Iames, who at their depar|ture gaue to thẽ ſundry rich gifts, and appointed EEBO page image 383 ſir William Creichtoun to goe with them into Denmarke,Sir William Creighton ſent into Denmark.Ambaſſadour from him, to the king there, who vſed himſelfe ſo ſagely in this buſi|neſſe which he thus went about, that renuing the olde league betwixt the two Realmes of Den|marke and Scotlande,Peace and ami|tie betwixt Scotland and Denmarke. ſtedfaſt peace and aſſured amitie without any more ado thereof enſued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Much what about the ſame time, there came Ambaſſadors from the French king Charles the vij.Ambaſſadours [...]th of France not onely deſiring to haue the olde league be|twixt France and Scotland to be ratified at that preſent by a new confirmation,The old league [...]er [...]ed be|twixt France and Scotland. but alſo to con|fyrme the ſame with better aſſurance, Margaret eldeſt daughter to King Iames, at requeſt of the ſayde King Charles,The Dolphin marieth Mar|garet daughter to K Iames. was giuen in mariage vn|to Lewes the Dolphin, and eldeſt ſonne to the ſayde king Charles.

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