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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Parliament at Perth.Much what about the ſame time, there was a Parliament holden at Perth, in the which Hen|rie Wardlaw Biſhop of Saint Androwes, in name of al the three eſtates there aſſembled,Biſhop Ward|law inueyeth agaynſt ſuper|ſtuous fate. made a long and right pithie Oration to this effect, that where by the highe policie and prudent dili|gence of the kings Maieſtie there preſent, iuſtice, and all maner of due adminiſtratiõ of lawes and good ordinances were ſo reuiued, that nothing ſeemed to be ouerpaſſed that might aduaunce to the profite and cõmoditie of the common wealth, yet was there one wicked vſage crept in of late, increaſing ſo faſt, that if ſpeedie remedie were not bad in time, all thoſe commodities brought into the Realme by his comming, ſhoulde be of ſmall auaile, and that was ſuche ſuperfluous ryot in banketting cheare, and numbers of coſtly diſhes, as were then taken vp and vſed after the Engliſh faſhion, both to the great hinderaunce of mans health, and alſo to the vnprofitable waſting of their goodes and ſubſtance.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 If the landable temperancie vſed amongeſt the Scottiſhe men in olde time were well conſi|dered, nothing might appeare more contrary and repugnant thereto, than that new kinde of glut|tonie then vſed, by receyuing more exceſſe of meates and drinkes than ſuffiſeth to the nouriſh|ment of nature, through prouocatiõ of ſuch dain|tie and delicate diſhes, confectioned ſawces, and deuiſed potions, as were nowe brought in a|mongſt them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 As for ſuch gentlemẽ as the king had brought with him forth of England, they were worthie in deed to be cheriſhed and had in high fauour, ney|ther was this abuſe to be ſo greatly imputed vnto them, conſidering it was appropriate to their na|tion: but the Scottiſhmen themſelues were chief|ly to be blamed, that had ſo quickly yeelded to ſo great an inconuenience, the enormitie whereof appeared by the ſundrie vyces that followed of the ſame, as exceſſe, ſenſual luſt, ſlouth, reif,Vices follo|wing delicate fare. and wa|ſting of goodes.

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