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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Duke Mordo was ſent to Carlaurok, and his Duches was put in Temptalloun.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1425In the yeare following, on the holy Roode day called the Inuention of the Croſſe, Iames Stewarde the thirde ſonne of Duke Mordo mo|ued with great yre, for that his father & brethren were holden in priſon, came with a great power to the towne of Dounbrytaine,The towne of Dunbrytaine burnt. and brunt it after he had ſlaine Iohn Stewarde of Doundonalde and .xxxij. other perſones which were found in the ſame towne, but the king kindled in greate diſ|pleaſure for this attempt, purſued this Iames ſo fiercely, that he was faine to flee into Irelande, where he afterwardes deceaſſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1

A Parliament holden at Ster|ling.


Walter and A|lexander the ſonnes of duke Mordo be|headed.

Duke Mordo and Duncane Steward Earle of Lennox be|headed.

In the yeare next enſuing, king Iames called a Parliament at Sterling, in the which he him|ſelfe ſitting with ſcepter, ſworde, and crowne in place of iudgement, Walter Steward with hys brother Alexander were condemned, and incon|tinently were led forth to a place before the Ca|ſtell, and there beheaded.

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