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Compare 1587 edition: 1 When theſe theeues, barrettours, & other op|preſſours of the innocent people were come to darreigne batell in this maner of wiſe (as ſaid is) they were ſtreight wayes apprehended by armed men & truſſed vp in halters on gibets,Streight iu|ſtice. according as they had iuſtly deſerued. The reſidue of miſ|doers yt were left, were puniſhed & tamed in ſuch ſort, that many yeares after all theft & reiffings were litle heard of, the people enioying the bliſſe|full benefite of good peace and tranquillitie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Makbeth ſhewing himſelfe thus a moſt dili|gent puniſher of all iniuries and wrongs at|tempted by any miſordered perſons within his realme, was accompted the ſure defence & buck|ler of innocent people: and hereto he alſo appli|ed his whole endeuour,A kingly en|deuour. to cauſe yong men to ex|erciſe themſelues in vertuous maners, and men of the Churche to attende their diuine ſeruice, according to theyr vocations.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iuſtice mini|ſtred without reſpect of per|ſons.He cauſed to be ſlaine ſundry Thanes as of Eathnes, Sutherland, Stranauerne, and Ros, bicauſe through thẽ and their ſeditious attẽpts, much trouble dayly roſe in the realme.

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