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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then Banquho, what maner of women (ſaith he) are you, that ſeeme ſo litle fauourable vnto me, where as to my fellow here, beſides highe offices, yee aſſigne alſo the kingdome, ap|pointyng foorth nothing for me at all? Yes ſayth the firſte of them, wee promiſe greater benefites vnto thee, than vnto him, for he ſhall reygne in in deede, but with an vnluckie ende: neyther ſhall he leaue any iſſue behinde him to ſucceede in his place, where contrarily thou in deede ſhalt not reygne at all, but of thee thoſe ſhall be borne whiche ſhall gouerne the Scottiſhe kingdome by long order of continuall diſcent. Herewith the foreſayde women vaniſhed immediatly out of theyr ſight.A thing to wonder at. This was reputed at the firſt but ſome vayne fantaſticall illuſion by Mak|beth and Banquho, in ſo muche that Ban|quho woulde call Makbeth in ieſte kyng of EEBO page image 244 Scotland,Banquho the father of many kings. and Makbeth againe would call him in ſporte likewiſe, the father of many kings. But afterwards the common opinion was, that theſe women were eyther the weird ſiſters, that is (as ye would ſay ye Goddeſſes of deſtinie, or els ſome Nimphes or Feiries, endewed with knowledge of propheſie by their Nicromanticall ſcience, bi|cauſe euery thing came to paſſe as they had ſpoken.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Thane of Cawder con|demned of treaſon. Makbeth made Thane of Cawder.For ſhortly after, the Thane of Cawder being condemned at Fores of treaſon againſt the king committed, his landes, liuings and offices were giuen of the kings liberalitie vnto Makbeth.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame night after, at ſupper Banquho ieſted with him and ſayde, now Makbeth thou haſte obtayned thoſe things which the twoo for|mer ſiſters propheſied, there remayneth onely for thee to purchaſe that which the third ſayd ſhould come to paſſe.

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