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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A peace was alſo concluded at the ſame time betwixte the Danes and Scottiſhmen,A peace con|cluded be|twixt Scottes and Danes. ratified as ſome haue wryten in this wiſe. That from thence foorth the Danes ſhoulde neuer come into Scotlande to make any warres agaynſt the Scottes by any maner of meanes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And theſe were the warres that Duncane had with forrayne enimies in the ſeuenth yeare of his reygne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after happened a ſtraunge and vn|couth wonder, whiche afterwarde was the cauſe of muche trouble in the realme of Scotlande as ye ſhall after heare. It fortuned as Makbeth & Banquho iourneyed towarde Fores, where the king as then lay, they went ſporting by the way togither without other companie, ſaue only thẽ|ſelues, paſſing through the woodes and fieldes, when ſodenly in the middes of a laũde, there met them .iij. women in ſtraunge & ferly apparell, re|ſembling creatures of an elder worlde, whom when they attentiuely behelde, wondering much at the ſight The firſt of them ſpake & ſayde:The propheſie of three womẽ ſuppoſing to be the weird ſi|ſters or feiries. All hayle Makbeth Thane of Glammis (for he had lately entred into that dignitie and office by the death of his father Synel.) The .ij. of them ſaid: Hayle Makbeth Thane of Cawder: but the third ſayde: All Hayle Makbeth that hereafter ſhall be king of Scotland.

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