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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Makbeth making no delay came with his people to the place,Makbeth aſ|ſayleth the campe of the Danes, being ouercome with drinke & ſleepe. where his enimies were lod|ged, & firſt killing the watche, afterwards entred the campe, and made ſuche ſlaughter on all ſides without any reſiſtance, that it was a wonderfull mater to behold, for the Danes were ſo heauy of ſleepe, that the moſt parte of them were ſlayne & neuer ſtyrred: other that were awakened eyther by the noyſe or otherwayes foorth, were ſo ama|zed and dyzzie headed vpon their wakening, that they were not able to make any defence,The ſlaughter of Danes. ſo that of the whole numbers there eſcaped no moe but onely Sueno himſelfe and tenne other perſons,Sueno with ten other eſ|caped. by whoſe help he got to his ſhippes lying at rode in the mouth of Tay.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The moſt parte of the maryners, when they heard what plentie of meate and drinke the Scottes had ſente vnto the campe, came from the ſea thyther to bee partakers thereof, and ſo were ſlayne amongſt theyr fellowes: by meanes whereof when Sueno perceyued howe through lacke of maryners he ſhoulde not be able to con|uey away his nauie,Sueno fleeth with one ſhip, leauing the re|ſidue of his nauie behinde him. hee furniſſhed one ſhippe throughly with ſuche as were lefte, and in the ſame ſayled backe into Norway, curſing the tyme that hee ſet forewarde on this infortunate iourney.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The other ſhippes whiche hee lefte behinde him within three dayes after his departure from thence,The fleete of the Norway|gians ſuncke by vehement rage of winde. were toſſed ſo togyther by vio|lence of an Eaſt winde, that beatyng and ruſ|ſhyng one agaynſt an other they ſuncke there, and lie in the ſame place euen vnto theſe dayes, to the greate daunger of other ſuche ſhippes as come on that coaſte, for being couered with the floudde when the tide commes, at the ebbyng a|gaine of the ſame, ſome parte of them appeare a|boue water.

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