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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Suenoes com|maundement to ſpare fire & ſworde.Then was it ordeyned by commaundement of Sueno, that no Souldier ſhoulde hurte either man, woman, or childe, excepte ſuche as were founde with weapon in hande ready to make re|ſiſtance, for he hoped now to conquere the realme without further bloudſhed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Duncane fled to the caſtel of Bertha.But when knowledge was giuẽ how Dun|cane was fled to the caſtell of Bertha, and that Makbeth was gathering a new power to with|ſtand the incurſions of the Danes, Sueno raiſed his tentes and comming to the ſayd caſtell layde a ſtrong ſiege rounde about it.Sueno beſie|geth king Malcolme. Duncane ſeyng himſelfe thus enuironned by his enimies, ſent a ſectete meſſage by councell of Banquho vnto Makbeth, commaunding him to abide at Inche cuthill, till hee hearde from him ſome other newes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayned trea|tie.In the meane time Duncane fell in fayned cõmunication with Sueno as though he would haue yeelded vp the Caſtell into his handes vn|der certaine conditions, and this did he to driue time, and to put his enimies out of all ſuſpi|tion of any enterpryſement againſt them, till all things were brought to paſſe that might ſerue for the purpoſe.

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