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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This agreeth t [...]t with our Englyſh wry|ters.That Sueno whiche (as ye haue heard) con|quered the realme of England, being alſo king of Denmarke and Norway had .iij. ſonnes, Ha|rold, Sueno, & Canute, the firſte he ordeyned to be king of England, the .ij. king of Norway, and the third king of Denmarke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1

Harold that reygned king of Englãd, was not the ſonne of Sueno but of Canute, and was not ſlaine, but died of na|tural diſeaſe. See more hereof in En|gland.

Canute king of Denmarke. This is cõtra|ry to our En|gliſhe writers.

Harolde enioyed not the ſame dominion of England paſſing .iij. yeares after his fathers de|ceaſſe, but was ſlaine by Etheldred or Egelred, whom his father Sueno had chaſed into Nor|mandie. Howbeit yet the fame Etheldred kept not long the kingdome in peace, for Canute king of Denmarke to reuenge his brothers death, landed in England with a mighty hoſte, and ſleayng Etheldred, recouered the kingdome [figure appears here on page 241] to the vſe of the Danes, but yet one Edmond ſonne to the foreſayde Etheldred,Edmund Iron|ſide. ſurnamed I|ronſide, maynteyned the warre agaynſt Canute for a ſeaſon,This partely agreeth with our wryters. till at length by bothe theyr con|ſentes, they agreed to fight a combat ſingularly man to man, ſo to trie the mater betwixt them, who ſhould reigne as king ouer the Engliſhmẽ.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In this fight when they had continued a long ſpace, and ſhewed right notable proofes of theyr manhood:Canutes words to Edmond I|ronſide. Edmund (ſayth Canute) ſithe it hath pleaſed almighty God, yt thou ſhouldſt thus trie the force of my hande without hurte or wound, I thinke it be likewiſe his pleaſure, that thou ſhouldeſt enioy parte of the realme, go to there|fore, I receyue thee as partener with me in the kingdome, ſo that (if thou be ſo contented) let vs diuide the kingdome betwixte vs without any more contention.

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