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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The headleſſe trunke he commaunded to be hong vp vpõ an high payre of gallowes. Them of the Weſterne Iſles, ſuyng for pardon in that they had ayded Makdowald in his trayterous enterpryſe, he fined at great ſummes of money: and thoſe whom he tooke in Lochquhabir, being come thither to beare armure agaynſt the king, he put to execution.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herevpon the Iland men conceyued a dead|ly grudge towards him,Makbeth de|famed by the Iland men. calling him a couenant breaker, a bloudy tyrant, and a cruell murtherer of them, whom the kings mercie had pardoned. With whiche reprochfull woordes Makbeth be|ing kindled in wrathfull yre againſt them, had paſſed ouer with an army into the Iſles, to haue taken reuenge vpon them for theyr liberall talke, had he not bene otherwayes perſwaded by ſome of his frendes, and partely pacified by giftes pre|ſented EEBO page image 241 vnto him on the behalfe of the Ilandmen, ſeeking to auoyde his diſpleaſure.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iuſtice & law reſtored.Thus was iuſtice and lawe reſtored againe to the old accuſtomed courſe by the diligent meanes of Makbeth. Immediatly wherevpon worde came that Sueno king of Norway was arriued in Fyfe with a puyſant army to ſubdue the whole realme of Scotland.Sueno king of Norway lãded in Fyfe.

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