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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then doubting not but for ſuche contemp|tuous demeanour agaynſt the kings rega [...] au|thoritie, they ſhoulde be inuaded with all the power the king coulde make,Makdowald offereth him|ſelfe to be cap|taine of the rebelles. Makdowalde out of great eſtimation amongſt them making firſt a confederacie with his neareſt frendes and kinſmen, tooke vpon him to be chiefe captayne of all ſuche rebelles, as woulde ſta [...]de againſt the king, in maintenance of theyr grieuous offences lately cõmitted againſt him. Many ſlanderous wordes alſo, & rayling [...] this M [...] vtter [...] againſt his prince, calling him [...] faynt harted milkeſop, more [...] to gouerne a ſort of idle monkes in ſome cloyſter, than to [...] EEBO page image 240 of ſuche valiant and hardy men of warre as the Scottes were.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 He vſed alſo ſuche ſubtile perſwaſions and forged allurements, that in a ſmall time he had got togither a mightie power of men: for out of the weſterne Iſles, there came vnto him a great multitude of people, offering themſelues to aſſiſt him in that rebellious quarell, and out of Ire|land in hope of the ſpoyle came no ſmall nũber of Kernes & Galloglaſſes offering gladly to ſerue vnder him, whither it ſhoulde pleaſe him to lead them.Makdowald diſcomfiteth the kings power. Makdowald thus hauing a mightie puyſ|ſaunce about him, encountred with ſuche of the kings people as were ſẽt againſt him into Loch|quhabir, and diſcomfiting them, by fine force tooke theyr captaine Malcolme, and after the end of the batayle ſmoote of his head.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſmal skil of the king in warlike af|fayres.This ouerthrow beyng notified to the king, did put him in wonderfull feare, by reaſon of his ſmall ſkill in warlyke affayres. Calling therfore his nobles to a counſell, willed them of their beſt aduiſe for the ſubduing of Makdowald and o|ther the rebelles.

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