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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The nobles hauing great indignation at ſuch crueltie vſed by the king againſt them and theyr lynage, and that vpon no iuſte cauſes, but onely vpon forged deuiſes,The conſpira|cie of the ſcot|tiſh nobilitie againſt Mal|colme. they conſpired in ſundry meetings ſecretely appointed amongſt them, to finde ſome meanes to diſpatch him out of life.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length he chaunced to haue ſome inckling whereabout they went, and doubting to fall in|to their handes, fled for ſauegarde of his lyfe vn|to Glammis,Malcolme ſlayne at Glã|mis. where diuers of the conſpiratours were brought into his lodgyng, by ſome of his owne houſeholde ſeruantes, and there ſlew him in reuenge of their freendes, whom he before had wrongfully put to death. Theſe murtherers with their complices incontinently fled with all ſpeede poſſible to auoyde further daũger for this their act, but miſſing their way, for yt the ground was quite couered as then with ſnowe, they fi|nally came to the Loch of Forfayr, which was the ſame time froſen ouer. They therefore thin|king to paſſe ouer it, when they came into the midſt,The murthe|rers drowned. the Iſe brake vnder thẽ, ſo that ſinking in, they were finally drowned. Howbeit their bodies were afterwards drawẽ forth of the Loche with dragges, and diſmembred, and the heads and quarters were ſente vnto diuers townes of the realme, and there hung vp for a ſignification of their wicked treaſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This was the ende of king Malcolme in the xxxij. yeare of his reygne, if ye recken from the death of Conſtantine,31. H.B. or .xxv. after the death of Grime, and after the incarnation of our ſauiour 1034. yeares.1040. H.B. He was buried in Colmekill with his auncetours.

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