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Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Malcolme hauing thus reſtored his countrey vnto ioyfull peace, thought nothing ſo good as to performe the articles of the agreemẽt accorded betwixt him and the Danes, and ther|fore cauſed a Churche to be builded in the place appointed,A Churche buylded. dedicating the ſame in honour of S. Olauus patrone of Denmarke and Norway, to ſignifie vnto ſuch as came after, that ſundry no|bles of the Danes lay buried in that Church. In memory hereof, the landes that were giuen to the ſame Churche, are called euen yet vnto theſe dayes Crowdan,Crowdan, what it ſigni|fieth. which ſignifieth as much as if ye ſhould ſay, The ſlaughter of Danes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Church which was firſte builded there, chauncing as often happeneth in thoſe parties, to be ouercaſt with ſandes, an other was erected in place not farre off, hauing a more commodi|ous ſite.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Bones of Danes.Sundry of the bones of them that were bu|ried in this place, being left bare by reaſon that the ſandes were blowen away beſides them, He|ctor Boetius the wryter of the Scottiſh chroni|cle, behelde in the yeare .1521. whiche ſeemed more lyke vnto Giants bones, than to menne of common ſtature (as he auoucheth) whereby it ſhoulde appeare, that men in olde time were of much greater ſtature and quantitie of bodie, than any that are to be found in theſe our dayes.

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