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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Bones of Danes.There are ſeene many bones of the Danes in thoſe places, where they were buried, there lying bare aboue groũd euen vnto this day, the ſandes as if often chaunceth, being blowen from them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The other Danes whiche eſcaped to their ſhips, pulled vp ſayles to haue paſſed into Mur|rayland vnto Olauus, but remayning on the ſeas the ſpace of .iiij. dayes togither, toſſed to and fro by contrary windes, at length by a ſtreyne|able eaſt winde, they were driuen vpon the coaſt of Buckquhan, and through wante of conuena|ble her brough were in preſent daunger to haue bene caſt away. At length after they had ridden at anker in the Fyrth there, to their great diſplea|ſure along ſpace, and finding no proſperous windes to departe from the ſhore, for that theyr vitayles began to fayle them, they ſet fiue hun|dred of their beſt and luſtieſt ſouldiers on land to fetch in ſome bootie or pray of ca [...]ayle, therewith to re [...]ue their hũger & famine. They that were thus ſent forth being perfectly appoynted with armour and weapon, ranged abrode till they had got togither a great number of beaſtes, with the whiche drawing towardes their ſhippes, they were encountred by the way by Marnachus the Thane of Buchquhane accompanied with the power of that countrey,Marnachus Thane of Buchquhane. whoſe force, when they ſaw how they were not well able to reſiſt with|out ſome aduantage of place, they got them vp into an high cragge, where with tũbling downe ſtones vpon the Scottiſhmen as they mounted vp towardes them, they cauſed them ſomewhat to ſtay, but at length through the earneſt exhor|tation of Marnachus, the Scots (as people en|flamed with wood deſire to be reuenged,) moun|ted the hill in deſpite of theyr enimies, though di|uers of them were ſlayne in that aſſault. Thoſe whiche wanne the height of the cragge vpon the Danes, made ſuche a cruell batayle with them, that there was not one Dane that eſcaped their handes.

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