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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The fields alſo where they fought, though they were full of ſande (as the nature of the ſoyle gi|ueth,) yet were they made moyſt by the aboun|dance of bloude ſpilled in the ſame.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Many there were ſo earneſtly bent to be re|uenged on the enimie, that after they had their deaths wound, they would runne thẽſelues fore|ward vpõ the aduerſaries weapõ, till they might cloſe with him, enforcing their vttermoſt powers to diſpatch him alſo: ſo that diuers were ſeene to fall to the ground togither faſt graſping one an+other, & ſo immediatly both of them to die with|all: ſuch brenning hatred kindled theyr harts, that thus were they wholy ſet on reuenge.Malcolme win+neth the field. At length yet the honor of ye field remayned wt Malcolme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Camus perceiuing the diſcõfiture to light on his ſide, with a ſmal cõpanie about him,Camus's ſlaine. thought to haue eſcaped by flight vnto ye next moũtains, but being purſued of his enimies, he was ſlayne by them ere he was got .ij. miles frõ the place of the bataile. The place where he was ſlayne, is named after him vnto this day, & called Came|ſtone,An Obeliske. where is an Obeliſke ſet vp in memory of the thing, with his picture grauen therein, and likewiſe of thoſe that ſlewe him. The princi|pal flear of Camus was one Keith,The houſe of Keithes ad|uaunced to honour. a yong gen|telman of right hardy courage, whoſe ſeruice in the batayle was very notable, in recompence wherof he was rewarded by K. Malcolme, with ſundry lands and fayre poſſeſſions in Louthian. EEBO page image 235 His family ſaith Hector Boetius) hath and doth continue in great honour amongſt Scottiſhmẽ euen vnto this day, and is decorated with the of|fice of the Marſhalſhip of Scotland, to the high renowme and fame thereof, amongſt the chiefeſt peeres of the realme.

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