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[figure appears here on page 234]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The fields alſo where they fought, though they were full of ſande (as the nature of the ſoyle gi|ueth,) yet were they made moyſt by the aboun|dance of bloude ſpilled in the ſame.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Many there were ſo earneſtly bent to be re|uenged on the enimie, that after they had their deaths wound, they would runne thẽſelues fore|ward vpõ the aduerſaries weapõ, till they might cloſe with him, enforcing their vttermoſt powers to diſpatch him alſo: ſo that diuers were ſeene to fall to the ground togither faſt graſping one an+other, & ſo immediatly both of them to die with|all: ſuch brenning hatred kindled theyr harts, that thus were they wholy ſet on reuenge.Malcolme win+neth the field. At length yet the honor of ye field remayned wt Malcolme.

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