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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 King Mal|colme haſteth forewarde to fight with the Danes.The ſame day, king Malcolme making all haſt poſſible to ſuce [...]ur his ſubiects, and preſerue the countrey frõ the cruel outrage of the Danes, came to the towne of Barre twoo litle miles frõ the place, where his enimies were encamped. In the mornyng he drew into the field, in purpoſe to giue them bataile.Malcolmes o| [...]ation. But before he arrayed his ba|tayles, he called his nobles & captains togither, deſiring them to conſider how they ſhould match in fight againſt people blinded with vile auarice, liuing on the ſpoyle & pillage, got by theeuery & not by any iuſt warres: enimies not onely to the Chriſtian faith, but alſo vnto all innocẽt people, whom they ſought vniuſtly to inuade, without hauing occaſiõ ſo to do, ſaue only vpon an iniu|rious meaning to liue by reif of other meanes goodes, wherin they haue no maner of propertie He willed them therefore, to remember how they were come thus againſt thoſe enimies in defenes of theyr natiue countrey, appointed vndoubtedly by God to reuenge the cruell iniuries done by the Danes againſt his name and people that profeſ|ſed the ſame. They ought not then to meaſure force in number of ſouldiers, but rather in man|hood and valiancie of harte.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Camus likewiſe exhorted his people,Camus exhor|teth his Danes not v|ſing many woords, but yet pithie, deſiring thẽ to remember how it behoued them either to winne immortall fame by victorie, either els to die with miſerie in an vncouth lande, by the hand of their moſt fierce and cruell enimies.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herewith Malcolme enbatayling his people, brought them foorth ſtrongly raunged in good order to encoũter the Danes, which likewiſe ap|proched towards him in good array of battell, his harte was filled the more with hope of victorie, for that he had tried ſundry times before ye force of the enimies in diuers cõflicts & encoũters.The nature of valiaunt hartes and noble ſto|makes. For ſuch is the nature of noble & valiãt ſtomakes, the more experience they haue in honorable enterpri|ſes, the more are they kindled in deſire to ſhewe their prowes in famous actes & worthy attẽpts.

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