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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Scarcely had Malcolme made an ende of this prayer, when diuerſe of the Nobles with a loude voyce, as though they had bin aſſured yt his praier EEBO page image 233 was herd, cried to their companies: ſtand good fe|lowes, for ſurely it is the pleaſure of almightie God, that we returne and renew the battayle a|gainſt our enimies.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Scottes oftentimes re|new batayle.Herevpon roſe a wonderfull noyſe amongſt the ſouldiers, ech one encouraging other to with|ſtand the enimies, and to fight in moſte manfull wiſe in defence of theyr countrey and auncient liberties, and foorthwith as it had bene by mira|cle they returned vpon theyr enimies, making great ſlaughter on eche ſide, without regarde to theyr liues or bloudy woundes, which they bold|ly and without feare receyued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herewith Malcolme alſo with a buſhment of ſtoute warriours came vpon Onetus, who was praunſing vp and downe the fielde without any helmet on his head, as though the Scottes had bene already without recouery clearely diſcom|fited,Onetus is [...]yne. and ſo there was he beaten downe, beſide his horſe, and amongſt the footemen ſlayne out of hande. The reſidue of the Danes beholding the ſlaughter of their Captaine, ſtayed from fur|ther purſute on the Scottes. Hereof enſued great boldneſſe to the Scottes and diſcouragement to the Danes. Albeit the batayle continued ſtill a long ſpace, the ſouldiers doyng their beſt on ey|ther ſide, till at length the Danes were put to flight,The Danes put to flight. many of them being ſlaine, and but fewe [figure appears here on page 233] taken. Olauus beholding the diſcomfiture of his people, and how his companion in authoritie was ſ [...]ayne,Olaue fleeth into Murray|land. fled into Murrayland with a ſmall companie about him.

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