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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Engliſh men were brought to ſuch an ex|tremitie, that they were faine to accept theſe con|ditions of peace, for other meane to auoyd preſent death they knew none. And thus was the domi|nion of Englãd cõquered by the Danes, after the Saxons had raigned in the ſame 564. yeares.529. H.B. The miſerie of the Engliſhmẽ vnder the bon|dage of the Danes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Such tyrannie alſo after this was vſed by the Danes, that none of the Engliſh nation was ad|mitted to any office or rule within the realme ey|ther ſpirituall or temporall, but were vtterly re|moued from the ſame, and ſome of them caſt in priſon and dayly put in hazard of their liues.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Finally, the Engliſhe men were brought into ſuch miſerable thraldome, that euery houſholder within the realme, was conſtrayned to receyue and finde at his owne proper coſtes & charges one Dane, who ſhould continually giue good watche what was ſayde or done in the houſe, and to ad|uertiſe the king thereof, for doubt of conſpiracies or treaſons to be contriued and practiſed agaynſt his perſon and royall eſtate.

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