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Compare 1587 edition: 1 His requeſt herein being graũted with generall conſent both of the nobles and cõmons, the crown was ſet vpon his heade, he beeing placed in the EEBO page image 228 Chayre of Marble, to the great reioyſing of al the people preſent.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Mal|colme.WHen the ſolemnitie of this coronation was ended, he called afore him again al the lords and peeres of his realme, of the which part had ay|ded him in the laſt warres, & part had bin aſſiſtant vnto his aduerſarie Grime:Malcolme a|greeth the no|bles of his realme. & there vſed the matter in ſuch wiſe amongſt them, that he made them all friendes, eche one promiſing to other, to forget all former offences, diſpleaſures & controuerſies paſt, which he did to auoid al inteſtine trouble yt might grow out of the rootes of ſuch rãcor & malice, as in time of the ciuil diſcord had ſprũg vp amõgſt thẽ.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolmes wiſdome in ordeyning officers.Further, for the better adminiſtration of iuſtice in due forme and maner, he beſtowed publike offi|ces vpon diſcrete perſons, ſkilful in the lawes and ordinances of the realme. Other offices perteining to the warres & defence of the realm, he committed vnto ſuch as were practiſed & trayned in ſuch ex|erciſes, ſo that iuſtice was miniſtred on all ſydes throughout the kingdome, with ſuch equitie and vprightneſſe, as had not beene heard of in any age before him. Whileſt the Scottiſh eſtate was go|uerned in ſuch happie wiſe, by the prudent policie of K. Malcolme,Sueno king of Denmark lan|ded in Eng|lande. it chaunced that Sueno king of Danes landed in England with a mightie nauy, in purpoſe to reuenge the iniuries done before vn|to his people by the Engliſh men.

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