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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Here Grime ſuppoſing that he might take his enimies at ſome great aduantage,Grimes po|l [...]cie. if he came vpõ them on the ſodaine, for that being giuen to deuo|tion, they woulde looke for nothing leſſe than for battaile on yt day, he got forth of his campe in the dawning of that morning, in purpoſe forthwith to aſſaile them. Notwithſtanding Malcolme be|ing aduertiſed therof, ſent vnto Grime,Malcolmes requeſt. requeſting him to deſiſt from battaile for reuerence of that bleſſed feaſt, but Grime woulde in no wiſe aſſent thereto, but needes would come on without ſtop or ſtay wherevpon both the armies ruſhing togi|ther met right fiercely,The battaile betwixt Grime & Malcolme. ſo that in the begynning there was great ſlaughter made on both ſides, but within a while king Grymes ſide was put to the worſe and in the ende clearly diſcomfited.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the chaſe were many ſlaine,Grimes part diſcomfited. but yet no ſuch number as ſo notable a victorie requyred.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 It is ſaid that Grime was taken aliue ſtãding at defẽce moſt fiercely fighting,The ende of king Grime. & being ſore woũ|ded in the head had both his eies put out, & after|wards continuing ſo in great miſerie & ſanguor certaine dayes, at length departed out of this life, in the .ix. yeare of his raigne and was buried in Colmkill, after the incarnation .1010. yeares.


Io. Ma 1010. H.B.

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