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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then followed more miſchiefe and trouble thã euer had bene ſeene afore that time in Scotlande:What miſchief enſued. for by reaſon of this ciuill diſſention, caſtels were razed & ouerthrowne, townes burned vp, corne de|ſtroyed, and fieldes waſted, & the people ſlaine in all places, yea as well in churches as elſwhere.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme prince of Cũberland hearing of ſuch cruell warres as were thus rayſed in Scotlande betwixt the king and the nobles of the realme, to the daunger of the vtter euerſion of the whole cõ|mon wealth, returned with al ſpeed forth of Eng|lande (where hee was with an armie as then in ayd of king Egelred agaynſt the Danes) into his owne countrey for defence of his ſubiects, if any attempt ſhould happely be made againſt them in that troubleſome ſeaſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Howbeit he was no ſooner returned home,Malcolme is required to relieue the Scottiſh eſtate. but the nobles of Louthian came vnto him, beſeching him to take pitie vppon his miſerable and torne countrey, and to employe hys whole force to EEBO page image 227 remoue away from the people ſuch imminent de|ſtruction as dayly haſted towards them which to do they thought it was partly euen his dutie, ſith God had beſtowed vpon him ſuche giftes both of body minde, and fortune, as moſt plenteouſly ap|peared in him, not onely for the weale of himſelfe but alſo of his friends and countrey, and therefore his part was to ſhew his earneſt diligence to deli|uer the common wealth of ſuch tyrannie as was practiſed by the miſgouernment of Gryme and his vnhappie counſellers. Which being done, he might order al things as ſhould like him beſt.

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