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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gryme thus hauing no regarde to the hole|ſome aduertiſement of his nobles, thought that all things would come forwarde with ſuch felicitie and happe as he wiſhed, not ceaſſing from ray|ſing new payments and exactions ſtill of his ſub|iects, till at length he was aduertiſed,The Lordes of Scotland ar|rear warre a|gainſt Grime their king. how his no|bles had rayſed open warre againſt him, at which newes being ſore kindled with diſpleaſure, he got togither a great number of men, & marched forth towards them that had ſo rebelled agaynſt him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then followed more miſchiefe and trouble thã euer had bene ſeene afore that time in Scotlande:What miſchief enſued. for by reaſon of this ciuill diſſention, caſtels were razed & ouerthrowne, townes burned vp, corne de|ſtroyed, and fieldes waſted, & the people ſlaine in all places, yea as well in churches as elſwhere.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme prince of Cũberland hearing of ſuch cruell warres as were thus rayſed in Scotlande betwixt the king and the nobles of the realme, to the daunger of the vtter euerſion of the whole cõ|mon wealth, returned with al ſpeed forth of Eng|lande (where hee was with an armie as then in ayd of king Egelred agaynſt the Danes) into his owne countrey for defence of his ſubiects, if any attempt ſhould happely be made againſt them in that troubleſome ſeaſon.

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