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Compare 1587 edition: 1 One of theſe Ambaſſadors (to whõ the charge was giuen) had the wordes in name of them all, who cõming before the kings preſence, declared [figure appears here on page 226] vnto him howe they were ſent from the reſidue of the nobles and peeres of his realme, to admoniſhe him of things perteyning to ye ſuretie of his eſtate and cõmon wealth of his dominions, which was, that where through perſwaſion of euill counſay|lers he ſuffred many enormities to be committed by his miniſters and officers againſt his ſubiects, to their vtter impoueriſhment and vndoing, the rebuke wherof did redound vnto his diſhonor, if it would pleaſe him to remoue out of his preſence & ſeruice all ſuch diſloyal perſons as ſought the hin|derance of the common weale, he ſhoulde winne thereby the loue of all his liege ſubiectes, whiche now coulde not but grudge and repine at this his gouernment, as men by the ſame brought into ſuch calamitie, that better it were for them in their iudgements to be dead than aliue, if reformation were not the ſooner had agaynſt ſuche extortions as his ſeruants and officers did dayly practiſe,The office of the ſworde. and for the which no doubt he muſt needes anſwere, ſith the ſworde was committed vnto him, not to enrich couetous perſons, nor to oppreſſe innocent and true dealing people, but contrarily to puniſhe and correct guiltie and vniuſt dealers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 When king Gryme had heard what meſſage theſe Ambaſſadors had brought, he anſwered to the ſame with fayned wordes, & willed them vn|der the pretext of courteſie to a banket,King Grime purpoſed to haue ſlaine the meſſengers. in purpoſe to haue put them all in priſon: But they beeing aduertiſed therof, got them in all haſt to their hor|ſes, and fled forthwith vnto Bertha, where the re|ſidue of the nobles at the ſame time were aſſẽbled.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gryme thus hauing no regarde to the hole|ſome aduertiſement of his nobles, thought that all things would come forwarde with ſuch felicitie and happe as he wiſhed, not ceaſſing from ray|ſing new payments and exactions ſtill of his ſub|iects, till at length he was aduertiſed,The Lordes of Scotland ar|rear warre a|gainſt Grime their king. how his no|bles had rayſed open warre againſt him, at which newes being ſore kindled with diſpleaſure, he got togither a great number of men, & marched forth towards them that had ſo rebelled agaynſt him.

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