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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Firſt that Grime during his life time,The conditi|ons of the peace betwixt Gryme and Malcolme. ſhoulde enioy the crowne, and after his deceaſſe the ſame to remaine vnto Malcolm and his heires by line|al diſcent for euer, according to the ordinance and decree made & eſtabliſhed by king Kenneth. And whoſoeuer ſhoulde goe about eyther by worde or deed to impeach or hinder the ſaid ordinance and decree, ſhould be reputed for a traytor to the com|mon wealth and realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Furthermore all the landes lying betwyxt Lonthian and Northumberlande, and betwixt Clyde and Weſtmerland, euen from the Almain ſeas, to the Iriſh ſeas, ſhoulde preſently remaine and be tranſported vnto the dominion & gouern|ment of Malcolme, with the whiche contenting himſelfe during the naturall life of Gryme, hee ſhould cõtinue in friendſhip with the ſaid Grime, and ſo in no wiſe ſtirre or moue any warre or de|bate, eyther againſt him or any of his friends: for if he did, and went about to breake any of the ar|ticles of this peace, he ſhoulde not onely loſe thoſe landes which he now held, but alſo to be depriued of all the right, title, clayme, and intereſt whiche either he or his poſteritie might make or pretende vnto the crowne at any time hereafter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 When both the princes had bound themſelues by ſolemne othes to performe euery point & points in theſe articles compriſed, they layd armor aſide,The warres be|ing ceaſſed, the Princes apply their ſtudies to refourme miſdemeanors and began to take order for reforming of all miſ|demeanours, whiche had happened within the lande, by reaſon of the ciuill contention moued betwixt them and their partakers. Howb [...]eit, commaundement was giuen by eyther of theſe EEBO page image 226 Princes, that their ſubiects ſhould be ſtill in a rea|dineſſe with armure & weapon, if need required to defend themſelues againſt al ſodaine inuaſions of their neighbors, wherby it may be gathered, that the one had the other ſtill in ſome miſtruſt, what countenance ſoeuer they ſhewed outwardly. Yet notwithſtanding for the ſpace of .viij. yeares to|gither, the peace continued without breach, or any notable trouble betwixt them.

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