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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fothadus hauing heard Grymes wordes, be|ſought hym to ſtay a tyme, tyll hee myght goe vnto Malcolme, to vnderſtande what hys full mynde was in this behalfe, not doubting but to finde him conformable vnto any reaſonable mo|tion, for relieuing of the poore afflicted ſtate of the lande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fothadus go|eth vnto Mal|colme.Gryme graunting to this requeſt, Fothadus in like ſort and habite as he came vnto Gryme, went vnto Malcolme, whome he founde at Sterling. Where comming before his preſence wyth a long Oration, hee greatly bewayled the dolo|rous calamityes of the Scottiſh common weale, into the which it was fallen through ciuil ſediti|on only: and herewith declared alſo by great like|lyhoodes of ſubſtantial reaſons, how infortunate and miſerable the ende ſhould be of the warres, if the ſame were purſued to the vttermoſt.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His tale being throughly heard and well diſ|geſted, wrought ſo with Malcolme, that he pro|miſed to withdraw into Cumberlande withoute any further attempt,Malcolmes offer. if Grime would in like caſe breake vp his camp, and agree to haue a truce for three Monethes ſpace, in which meane time they might by certaine commiſſioners appointed and authoriſed therto, talk and cõmon for concluding of a finall peace and concord betwixt them.

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