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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme doubting leaſt if the certaintie hereof were once bruted amongeſt his people,Malcolm wold not haue his people to vn|derſtande the truth thereof. the fame would encreaſe the terrour more than nee|ded: he gaue cõmaundement therfore that no ma|ner of wight ſhould be ſuffred to come into his ar|my without he were firſt brought to his preſence. But this deuiſe nothing auayled him:His aduice a|uayled not. for thereby that which he deſired to be concealed & kept moſt ſecret, became the more manifeſt, by reaſon that ſuch as had ſome ynkling of the matter, tolde it from one to another, making it much more than it was in deed. For there roſe a murmuring a|mongeſt them, that there was ſuch treaſon con|triued,A brute ſpred in Malcolmes armie of trea|ſon. that if Malcolme with his army went for|ward to ioyne with his aduerſaries, he ſhould not be in daunger onely of them, which he knewe to come againſt him in Grimes hoſt, but alſo of no ſmall nũber of thẽ which were in his own armie, who vpon the ioyning had determined to turne their ſpeare points againſt him in Grimes quarel.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This rumor paſſing from one to another, put the whole number in great feare.Marchant men authours of the rumor. It was firſt rai|ſed by certain marchant men, of whom there was a great nũber in Malcolmes armie, hauing more ſkill in buying and ſelling, than in any warlyke feates or enterpryſes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Theſe at the firſt ſuing for licence to depart home, and could haue no graunt, beganne to la|ment their miſeries, in ſuch dolefull wiſe, that all the campe was troubled with the noyſe, inſomuch that euen the olde men of warre, and diuerſe of the Captaines were not a little diſcomforted and a|mazed with ſuch wailefull clamors.

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