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Compare 1587 edition: 1 THen Grime nephew to king Duffe hearing of the ſlaughter thus made betwixte king Conſtantine and Kenneth,Grime. gathered togither the reſidue of Conſtantines armie, being ſcattered a|brode after the ouerthrow, ſuppoſing that by the death of Kenneth, the partie of his brother Mal|colme was ſore weakned, and therevpon he came vnto the Abbay of Scone, and there cauſed him|ſelfe [figure appears here on page 223] to be crowned king, as lawfull ſucceſſor vnto Conſtantine, by force of the olde lawes and or|dinance of the Realme.Grime vſed li|beralitie and gentleneſſe towards Con|ſtantines friendes. And to eſtabliſh himſelfe the more firmly in the eſtate, he ſhewed great gen|tleneſſe towardes all them that were friends vnto Conſtantine, and beſtowed vpõ them many boũ|teous gyftes: neyther was his liberalitie ſhut vp from other that had fauoured Malcolme, for to the ende hee might allure them to beare him good will, he rewarded them highly both in landes and treaſure. But other of the ſame faction, whom he ſawe by no meanes coulde be wonne, he cau|ſed them to bee proclaymed traytours, and con|fiſcated their goodes as rebelles to his perſon, and enimies to the crowne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme Prince of Cumberland ſore mo|ued in his minde that Grime had thus taken vp|on him the crowne,Malcolme prince of Cũ|berland is ſore moued againſt Grime. called his friends togither, re|quiring to haue their aduice, whiche way he were beſt to worke in this ſo great a matter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 They counſailed him that in no wiſe he ſhould deſpiſe the force of his enimies,A good coũſel but rather to aſſay by all meanes to drawe thoſe Nobles vnto hys purpoſe, which were aſſiſtant vnto Grime.

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