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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Calene.IN the meane time Culene prince of Cum|berland, the ſonne as I haue ſayde of king Indulph, accompanied with a great number of Lordes and Nobles of the realme, came vnto Scone, there to receyue the crowne according to the maner:

The king aſ|ked the cauſe of the foule wea|ther.

The biſhops anſwere vnto the king.

but at his comming thither, he demaũded of the Biſhops what the cauſe ſhould be of ſuch vntemperate weather. Who made an|ſwere, that vndoubtedly almightie God ſhewed himſelfe thereby to be offended moſte highly for that wicked murther of king Duffe, and ſurely onleſſe the offendours were tried foorth and pu|niſhed for that deede, the realme ſhoulde feele the iuſt indignation of the deuine iudgement for o|mitting ſuche puniſhment as was due for ſo greeuous an offence.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king re|quired pu|blike prayers to be had.Culene herevpon requyred the biſhops to ap|point publike proceſſiõs, faſtings and other god|ly exerciſes to be vſed of the prieſtes and people, through all parties of the realme, for the appea|ſing of Gods wrath in this behalfe, and in ſuche ſorte and maner as in ſemblable caſes, the vſe and cuſtome in thoſe dayes was.The king made an othe. Hee himſelfe made a ſolemne vowe, confirming it with a like othe before all the peeres and nobles there aſſem|bled, that he woulde not ceaſſe till he had reuen|ged the death of king Duffe vpon the falſe inha|bitauntes of Murrayland to the enſample of all other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king wẽt with an armie into Murray lande.The multitude being preſent, getting them to armure followed their prince, taking his iour|ney without further delay towardes Murray|land, the inhabitauntes of whiche region hea|ring of his approch and the cauſe of his cõming, were ſtryken with exceeding feare, but namely Donewalde beyng giltie in conſcience,A gilty con|ſcience accu|ſeth a man. doubted leaſt if he were put to torture, he ſhould be enfor|ced to confeſſe the truthe, wherevpon without making his wyfe priuie to his departure, or any other of his family, ſaue a fewe ſuche as he tooke with him, he ſecretely got him to the mouthe of the ryuer of Spey, where finding a ſhippe ready, he wente a borde the ſame,Donewalde getteth him ſecretly away. purpoſing to haue fledde his wayes by ſea into Norway: for this is the peculiar propertie of a giltie conſcience to be afrayde of all things, and eyther in geſture or countenaunce to bewray it ſelfe, accompting flight moſte ſure if occaſion may ſerue thereto. For this Donewalde,The murther of the king is reueled. whome no man (though ſome partely ſuſpected him) might wel haue bur|dened with the crime of his Maſters death (by reaſon of his faithfull ſeruice ſhewed towardes him afore time) had he not thus ſought to haue auoyded the countrey, was now detected of ma|nifeſt treaſon, euery man deteſting his abhomi|nable facte, and wiſhing him to be ouerwhel|med in the raging floudes, ſo to pay the due pu|niſhment, whiche of right hee ought, for his vile treaſon in murthering his naturall Lorde.

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