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Compare 1587 edition: 1 There chaunced alſo no notable trouble in Albion during the ſpace of foure yeares after this ſayde ouerthrow of the Danes with theyr Cap|taine Aualaſſus, who is otherwiſe alſo named Anlafe, as is to be ſeene in the Engliſh hiſtories where the ſame make mention of the foreſayde king Edmond, whom likewiſe they affirme to be the brother of Athelſtane and not his ſonne, as before is partely touched.King Indulph was diligent in his office. Indulph in this meane time did with greate diligence ſee to the good order of his realme, ſhewyng therein what belonged to the office of a woorthy prince. But euen as all things ſeemed to reſt in peace and quietneſſe through the whole Iſle of Albion, Hagon king of Norway,The kings of Denmarke & Norway, enter with an army into Scotland. and Helrike king of Denmarke, vpon purpoſe to reuenge the ſlaugh|ter of theyr countrey men lately made in Nor|thumberlande, came with a mightie nauie vnto the coaſtes of Scotland, aſſaying to lande with their whole armie, firſte in the Forth, then in the riuer of Tay, but yet through ſuch reſiſtaunce as the Scottes made,The enimies are put off. beyng aſſembled togither to keepe them off, they were fayne to withdrawe, & waſting alongſt the coaſtes of Angus, the Marnes, Mar, & Buthqhane, at length fayning as though they woulde haue taken their courſe homewardes, they launched foorth into the high ſeas, but within foure dayes after returning a|gaine to the ſhore, they lãded their people early in one morning vpon the coaſt of Boene,They lande in [...]ne. at a place called Cullane, a countrey ioyning vnto Buth|qhane, putting ſuche of the countrey people to flight as preſented themſelues to impeach their landing and inuaſion.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Indulph draweth neare towardes the enimies.But Indulph being aduertiſed hereof, forth|with aſſembling the whole power of his realme, drew towardes that parte with ſuch ſpeede, that hee was come into Boene before his enimies were certified that hee was ſet forewarde. So ſoone therefore as they heard he was come, ſuche as were abroade forraying the ſame countrey, were called backe to the campe.King Indulph prepared to the batayle. But Indulph without protracting of time came ſtil foreward, and vpon his approche fo the enimies, he prepa|red to giue battayle, and with a ſhort oration be|gan to encourage his people to fight manfully, but before he coulde make an ende,The Danes gaue the on|ſet. the Danes gaue the onſet with ſuche violence, that the ba|tayle a long ſpace continued doubtfull on bothe ſides, the Danes on the one parte and the Scots on the other, doyng their vttermoſt endeuours to atchieue the victorie, till at length they of Lou|thian with theyr Captaines Dunbar & Crame began to appeare on the backe half of the Danes,A ſupply ſent vnto the Scots with whiche ſight they were put in ſuche feare, that thoſe which fought in the fore ward, retyred backe vnto the middle warde, whome the Scots egrely purſuyng, beat downe euen till they came vnto the rereward, which coueting rather to die in the fight, than to giue backe, and ſo to be ſlaine in the chaſe (for thoſe in the rereward were hea|uie armed men) cõtinued the batayle more with a certaine ſtiffe ſtubborneſſe of minde than with any great force or forecaſt, being ſo ouermatched as they were, and forſaken of theyr fellowes: for other of the Danes,The Danes fledde. namely the Archers and Kernes fled theyr wayes, ſome towardes theyr ſhippes, and ſome here and there being ſcattered abroade in the fieldes, fell into the moſſes and mareſſe grounds and other ſtreytes, where they were ſlaine euery one by ſuch as followed in the chaſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Indulph himſelf with certayne companies a|bout him, departing from his mayne batayle to EEBO page image 206 diſcouer the fields as though al had bene quiet on eche ſide,The king with few in his cõ|panie, falleth into the eni|mies daunger through ne|gligence. fell by chaunce vpon a whole bande of the Danes, where the ſame lay in couert within a cloſe valley being fled frõ the field thither vpon the firſt ioyning of the batayles, with the whiche entring into fight, he was ſhot through the head with a darte and ſo died,King Indulph was ſlayne with a darte, & died. but not before he was reuenged of thoſe his enimies, the whole nũber of thẽ being ſlaine there in the place. His bodie was firſt buried in Cullane, a towne of Boene, and after tranſlated vnto the Abbay of Colmekill, and there enterred amongſt other his predeceſ|ſours the Scottiſhe kings. Indulph reigned a|bout .ix. yeares and died thus valiantly,961. hath Io. Ma. 968. though infortunately, in the yeare after the incarnation 968. ſaith Hector Boetius.

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