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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 Ambaſſadours ſent vnto Mal|colme.Shortly after came Ambaſſadours from A|thelſtane vnto Malcolme to moue meanes for a peace to be concluded betwixt the Scottiſhe and Engliſh nations according to the articles of the old league. Whiche motion was ioyfully heade of Malcolme, though he ſet a countenaunce of the mater as though hee paſſed not whether hee had warre or peace: but in the ende for that as he ſayde, peace was moſte neceſſarie for all partes, he ſhewed himſelfe willing to haue the olde for|mer league renewed betwixte the Engliſhmen and Scottes, with any reaſonable condicions whiche ſhould be thought to be requiſite.The league was confirmed agayne. After the returne of the Ambaſſadours the league was newly confirmed betwixt the two kings & theyr people, with the ſemblable articles as were com|pryſed in the olde league, with this article onely added therevnto,Northumber|land allotted vnto England. that Northumberland being as now repleniſhed moſt with Daniſh inhabitãts, ſhould remaine to the Engliſhmen: and Cum|berland with Weſtmerlande to the Scots vpon this condition, that he whiche ſhould ſucceede as heyre vnto the crowne of Scotlande after the kings deceaſſe,Cumberlãd & Weſtmerland to do homage vnto England. being heyre apparant, ſhould hold thoſe regions, and do homage vnto the king of England as his baſſall perpetually for the ſame. The peace being thus eſtabliſhed betwixt theſe nations, Indulphe the ſonne of Conſtantine the thyrde was proclaymed prince of Cumberland and inheritour to the crowne of Scotland. Af|ter this, Malcolme paſſed the reſidue of his life in good quiet, without any troubles of warre, as a man onely ſtudying to mainteyne the ſtate of his realme in good order, aſwell for the wealth of the temporaltie as ſpiritualtie, wherevnto hee was equally inclined. At length as he rode about the prouinces of his realme to ſee the lawes due|ly miniſtred, at Vlrine a village in Murraylãd,King Mal|colme was murthered. where he cauſed iuſtice to be ſomewhat ſtreight|ly executed vpon offendors, he was murthered in the night ſeaſon by treaſon of a fewe conſpira|tours in the .xv. yeare of his reigne.The conſpira|tors were put to execution. But ſuche as did this wicked deede with theyr complices, by diligent examination were tried out, and on the next day being apprehended, ſuffered due ex|ecution, according as they had deſerued,The murthe|rers were torn with horſes. be|ing torne in peeces with wilde horſes and thoſe peeces ſent vnto ſundry cities, where they were hanged vp on the gates and towers, vntill they rotted away.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 They that were the deuiſers of the murder alſo, & procured the doers therevnto,The procurers of the murder were ſtaked. were thruſt through vpon ſharpe ſtakes, and after hanged vpon high gybettes: and other of the conſpira|tors were put to other kindes of death, as the caſe ſeemed to requyre. The death of Malcolme chaunced in the yeare after the bieth of our Sa|uiour .959. Here we haue thought good to put you in remembrance,959. that either the Scottes are deceyued in their accompte of yeares,The miſta|king of the names and times of the Engliſh kings, in the Scottiſh wryters. or els mi|ſtake the names of the kings of Englande, for where they waite that this Malcolme [...]equyted this life about the .xxij. yeare of Athelſtane king of England, that can not be if Malcolmes de|ceaſſe chaunced in the yeare .95 or for Athel|ſtane was dead [...]ing before that time, to witte in the yeare .940. and [...]ygned but [...] yeares. Moreouer where the [...]tiſhe wryttes ma [...]e mencion of ther warres Scotiſhe king Edmond that ſucceeded Athelſtan had againſt A [...]lafe and the Danes of Northumberland, in the dayes of king Indulfe, that ſucceeded Malcolme it can not ſtande by [...] meanes (if they miſtake not theyr accompt of yeares,) for the ſame Edmond was ſlayne in the yeare .1948. But verily th [...] fault in [...] of yeares is but to cõ|mon in the Scottiſhe, hiſtorie, and thenfore to him that ſhould take vpõ him tore for [...] the ere|rours thereof in this behalfe, it we [...] neceſſarie to alter in a maner the whole courſe of the ſame hi|ſtorie and therefore we will not wiſhe any man to giue any credite vnto theyr accompt in yeares touching the regines of the Engliſhe kings fur|ther EEBO page image 204 than they ſhall ſee them to agree with our wryters, whome in that behalfe wee may more ſafely followe, and by conferring the ſame with the Scottiſhe wryters in ſome places, happely perceyue the true time aſwell of the reygnes of theyr kings as of actes done, to fall out in yeares and ſeaſons, much differing from their accompt: whereof to admoniſh the Reader, aſwell here as in the Engliſh hiſtorie, wee haue thought it not impertinẽt. And albeit that ſome may aſke what reaſon we haue to moue vs to doubt of their ac|compte of yeares, more than we do of that in our owne writers, we wil referre the ſame vnto their iudgements that are learned, and haue trauay|led indifferently alike, aſwell in peruſing the one as the other without affectiõ. But as the errours are ſooner founde than amended, ſo haue wee thought good to ſet downe in the margent of this booke, the yeares as we finde them noted in the Scottiſh wryters, ſpecially in places where wee differ any thing from them, bicauſe we will not ſeeme by way of controlment, to preiudice the authours further, than by due conſideration the well aduiſed Reader ſhall thinke it expedient.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Indulph [figure appears here on page 204] BVt to my pur|poſe: after ye corps of Malcolme was once buried according to the cuſtome, amongſt his predeceſſours in the Ab|bey churche of Colme|kill, Indulphe prince of Cumberland was pla|ced in the marble cheare at Scone, there recey|uing the crowne and other the inueſtures of the kingdome. In the adminiſtration whereof he continued for the ſpace of fiue yeares without a|ny notable trouble, in the end of which terme, he was requyred by meſſengers ſent vnto him from Aualaſſus,Indulphe is prouoked by Aualaſſus, to warre agaynſt England. to ioyne with him in league agaynſt the Engliſhmen, in reuenge of that ouerthrow, whiche aſwell the Danes as Scottes had recey|ued at Broningfield, alledgyng that oportunitie was now offered,His perſuaſi|ons. ſith after the deceaſſe of Athel|ſtane the Engliſhmen had created Edmond to theyr king, a man of a dull witte, and not fitte for the adminiſtration of high affayres: neyther did the league concluded betwixt Athelſtane and Malcolme enforſe any impediment, but that he might enter the warre againſt the Engliſhmen, conſid [...]ring bothe thoſe Princes that were the Authours of that league were departed out of this lyfe, by whoſe deceaſſe the ſayde league was ended.

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