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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the .xxxvj. yeare of his reygne there were twoo monſruous creaſures borne in Albion, the one amongſt the Danes being an Hermophro|dyte, A monſter. that is to wifte, a childe with bothe ſexes, hauing the head lyke a ſwyne, the breſte ſtan|ding foorth more in reſemblance than the com|mon ſhape of man, a fatie belly, with feete lyke a gooſe, leeges lyke a man, full of bryſſels, and a very euill fauoured thing to beholde. The other was borne in Northumberlande,An other mõ|ſter. onely hauing [...] Two contrary willes in this Monſter. [...] ſteepe, the rather woulde wake: when the one re|quyred we haue me [...]te, the other paſſed for none at all. Oftentymes woulde they chydes brault togither, in ſomuche that at knight they fell [...] ſawe at variaunc [...]e, that they did beate and r [...]uft ryther at her right pytifully with theyr nayles.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length the one with long ſickeneſſe wearyng away and finally deceaſſing,One part died before the o|ther. the other was not able to abide the greeuous ſmell of the dead car|caſe, but immediatly after died alſo.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Aboute the ſame tyme there iſſued foorth a fountayne of bloude out of the ſide of a moun|tayne in Galloway,Bloud [...] out of an [...]. and flowed in greate abun|daunce for the ſpace of ſeuen dayes togither, ſo that all the ryuers there aboute (whereof there is great ſtore in that countrey) had theyr waters mixed with bloude, and rennyng into the ſea, cauſed the ſame to ſeeme bloudie certaine miles diſtant from the ſhore.What was ment by theſe wonders. Theſe prodigous fightes put menne in greate feare, for that deui|nours did interprete the ſame to ſignifie ſome great bloudſhedde to fall vpon the Scots ſhort|ly after: They were alſo the better beleeued, for that within a whyle after that greate ouer|throw happened at Bronyngfielde, as before is ſpecified.

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