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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Shortly after Gormond fought with Alured at Abingdon,Gormond is ouerth rowne by k. Alured. where in the ende [...] victorie [...]de with the Engliſh men and [...] ſame way [...] with ſuch loſſe, of men other [...] and doubtfull [...] that they [...] notable purſue the [...] but conſtrayned im|mediately after,A peace con|cluded. to con [...]de [...] peace with them on condition that the Danes [...] common [...] with the Engliſh men in Al [...]ion ſo that Gormond with this Danes ſhould be baptiſed, The Danes to be baptiſed, & to remaine in England. and [...] the Chriſtian Religion Herevppon alſo, were pledges deliuered, [...] partes, and Gormonde comming to receiue bap|tiſme [figure appears here on page 200] had his name chaunged and was called A|thelſtane,Gormonde is baptiſed with many mo. during whoſe life the peace continued betwixt the two Nations. Whileſt things paſ|ſed thus in Englande, there roſe a peece of trou|ble betwixt the inhabitants of Murrey lande,They of Roſſe inuade Mur|rey lande. and Roſſe, which diſquieted king Donald not a little. The occaſion grew by reaſon of certaine theeues, which comming forth of Roſſe in the night time, ſecretely entered into Murrey lande, to fetch boo|ties from thence. At the firſt they of Murrey land made reſiſtaunce agaynſt them as well as they might, but after calling their neighbours to ayde them, they ſkirmiſhed in ſuch wiſe, that within two Monethes ſpace,Two thouſand men ſlaine. there were ſlaine betwixt them two thouſand of the one ſyde & of the other. Donalde beeing not a little offended to haue hys peace broken with inteſtute diſcorde,The king wẽt with an armie into Murrey lande. gathered a great power, and with the ſame haſted into Mur|rey lande: where calling the chiefeſt doers and mainteyners of this buſineſſe to make anſwere to that which was layde to their charge, when they were not able to cleare themſelues of the cryme,The chiefe do|ers were put to death. he put them to open execution of death, to the en|ſample of other. This trouble beeing in this ſort quieted, he went into Northũberland, to be there in a readineſſe,The king went into Northum|berlande. if the Danes or Engliſhe men (whom he ſuſpected) ſhoulde attempt any thing agaynſt his ſubiectes in thoſe parties: where in the ende, after he had raigned almoſt .xj. yeeres he departed this worlde.Donald died.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His bodie was buryed in Colmkill amongſt his aunceſters, with a Marble tombe ſet ouer his graue, as the maner in thoſe dayes was cuſto|marily vſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 [figure appears here on page 200] AFter Do|nalde the fifth,Conſtan+tine. the [...] ſuc|ceeded in rule of the Realme Conſtantine ye thirde of that name,Conſtantine the thirde. the ſon of Ethus the ſw [...]fe, begyn|ning his raign in the yeare af|ter the incarnation 903.903 He was more apt for ci|uill gouernment, than for the ordering of warlike affayres.King Edward ſent an Herald with defiance. King Edwarde that lately ſucceeded Alured in rule ouer the Engliſh men being ware thereof, ſent vnto him an Heralde at armes, com|maunding him to reſtore vnto his ſubiectes the Engliſh men, the coũtreys of Northumberland, Cumberlande, and Weſtmerlande (whiche the Scottiſh king Gregorie had in tymes paſt by oc|caſion of the trouble ſome ſeaſon taken from the EEBO page image 201 right owners by force) eyther els to looke for warres at his handes within .xl. dayes after this [...].The anſwere [...] Con|ſtantine. Conſtantine herevnto anſwered, that if king Edward were minded to make him war [...]s for th [...]ſe landes which he helde by right|full title, he with his people woulde be ready to defin [...] themſelues, hoping in the almightie God that hee woulde turne the puniſhment on them that vniuſtly had pyked the quarell. Herevpon enſued many rodes and to prayes betwixte the Engliſhmen and Scots made, [...]warnings of warres. as occaſion ſer|ued, into eche others countrey, with diuers ſkyr|miſhes & light bickerings for a twelue moneths ſpace togither, without any notable encounter of theyr mayne powers. In which meane tyme the Danes encreaſed in puyſſaunce, more than was thought requiſite for the ſuertie eyther of the En|gliſhmen or Scottes, whiche moued king Ed|ward by perſwaſion of his Nobles,The peace was renewed & the league confir|med. to make meanes vnto Conſtantine to haue the peace re|newed: wherevnto Conſtantine lightly agreede ſo that the league was confirmed agayne with the former articles betwixt the Engliſhe and Scottiſh nations. Shortly after alſo the warre was renewed betwixt the Engliſhmẽ & Danes, and a peace againe confirmed by concluſion of a mariage betwixt Sithrik king of Northumber|land and Beatrice the doughter of king Ed|warde, till at length Sithrik was poyſoned by his wife the ſayde Beatrice: and then becauſe Aualaſſus whome the Engliſhe wryters name Anlafe and Godfrey, the ſonnes of Sithrike, put the ſame Beatrice to death,The Danes were diſcomfi|ted. hyr father king Ed|ward moued warre againſt them, & in foughten fielde diſcomfited them, but was ſlaine in that battel himſelf (as Hector Boetius hath.) But for the further truth of this mater, ye may read more in the Hiſtorie of Englande.

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