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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Comet.Moreouer there was a mightie ſtarre or Co|met ſeene with firie rayes iſſuing forth of the ſame whiche both night and day followed the Moone during the moneth of Aprill, to the great horror of all that behelde it.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But to proceede. The Danes as is ſayd, ha|uing vanquiſhed the Scots, and waſted the coũ|trey of Fife,The Danes went into Louthian. paſſed ouer into Louthian, where robbing and ſpoyling all before them, they purſu|ed the inhabitants into Northumberlande, whi|ther they fled for refuge. There the Danes being ayded with certain Engliſh mẽ in fauor of Bru|ern, ſlue in battaile both Oſbert & Ella,King Osbert & Ella ſlaine. kings of that coũtry. The crueltie of the Danes was ſuch after they had atchieued ye victorie, that few eſca|ped with life, but ſuch as ſaued thẽſelues by flight. But chiefely their rage appeared moſte agaynſte prieſtes and ſuch as profeſſed themſelues men of religion. For the Danes being Ethnikes, perſe|cuted moſt egerly thoſe that in any wiſe profeſ|ſed Chriſt.This crueltie inuaded Nor folke alſo. The like outragious murthering of the Chriſtians was practiſed throughout the Countrey, and at length came vnto that bleſſed king S. Edmond, raigning as thẽ ouer the peo|ple of the Eaſt angles, as in the Engliſh hiſtorie more plainly may appeare. Howbeit other of the Engliſh kings mainteined the warres with theſe Danes certaine yeares after this, with variable fortune, the moſt part of thoſe people which inha|bited on that coaſt towarde the Germaine ſeas, eyther being ſlain or brought into miſerable bon|dage and thraldome.King Alured redreſſed thoſe harmes. But Alured which ſuccee|ded his brother king Etheldred, not in the king|dome of Northfolke and Suffolke (as Hector Boetius affyrmeth) but in the kingdome of the weſt Saxons,Hector Boeti|us miſtaketh diuerſe mat|ters touching the report of our hyſtories. redreſſed a great part of this miſe|rie into the which the countrey was thus brought by the Danes, by ſubduing them in ſundrie con|flictes, and ſlaying their two Captaines the fore|ſayd Hunger and Hubba as in the ſame Engliſh [...] further expreſſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But now to return [...]nto Ethus, I find that he was of ſuch [...]neſſe of foote,Ethus ſurna|med lightfoot that he woulde marche and make way in running with H [...]r [...]s and Houndes, and thervpon was [...]named light|foote: but of what [...]mble lightneſſe of foote [...] [...]ith it is that he was of diſpoſition [...] vnfitte to haue the [...] of any [...] regiment.Ethus neglec|ted the opor|tunitie. For where as he might haue recouered Fife and Louthian with other [...] whyleſt the Engliſh men and Danes [...] togither by the eates, he paſſed ouer that occaſion deliting mo [...]e in following the pleaſures the bodie and ſenſu|all luſtes, than to beſtow his time in feates of ch [...]|ualry and other warlike exerciſes.A conſpiracie made agaynſt king Ethus. The Nobles of the Realme perceyuing him thus to abuſe the worthie gyftes of his perſon, miſtruſting leaſt his [...]dler doings ſhould endomage the publike ſtate of the cõmon wealth they tooke counſail togither how they might apprehend him and to ſende him ſome whither out of ye way wher to be ſafely kept, and then to place ſome other in the gouernment of the Realme, that might rule the ſame with more diſcretion & better aduiſe. And leaſt their re|ſolution ſhould be diſcloſed before it tooke effect, they ſlacked no time, but went ſpedily about their buſineſſe. And comming to the king whom they found a hunting in Calidone wood,King E|thus is areſted, with his fa|uorers. they ſodenly areſted him, and therwith committed him to ſafe keeping: and thoſe whom they knewe to bee fa|uourers of his euill rule and miſgouernance, they put them alſo faſt in yrons, til they had anſwered to ſuch articles as ſhould be layd to their charge. This done they proceeded to the election of a new king,Gregorie is choſen king. and in the end by the perſuaſion of one Dõ|gall gouernour or Thane of Argyle, they choſe Gregorie the ſonne of that Dongall which raig|ned before Alpyne, who was not paſt two Mo|nethes olde when his father dyed.

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