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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The multiude mooued with theſe wordes of Calen,The multi|tude conſented vnto Calene his ſayings. whoſe graue authoritie by reaſon of hys age and rowmth was of no ſmall reputation a|mongſt them, hauing loſt nine of his own ſonnes in the laſt battaile, they finally determined to fol|lowe his opinion in receyuing the ſame conditi|ons of agreement which Oſbert had preſcribed:The Scots re|ceiue the peace and therevpon ſent agayne theyr Ambaſſadors with the hoſtages appoynted for the eſtabliſhing of the peace in maner as before is reherſed. Which beeing throughly accompliſhed in ſuche ſolemne wiſe as in thoſe dayes,King Donald [...] with the noble men are ſent home againe. and in the like caſes was accuſtomed, Oſbert ſet Donald with his nobles at libertie, ſending them home togither with the Ambaſſadors, being earneſtly required ſo to doe, both by the Engliſh Lordes, and alſo by the Bri|taynes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The agreement being thus made,Landes de|uided betwixt the Britains & Engliſh men. the landes were deuided betwixt the Engliſh men and Bri|taynes, in ſuche ſort as the Brytaynes had for theyr parts all that which lyeth from Sterling vnto the Weſt ſea, betwixt the Ryuers of Forth and Clyde, vnto Cumberlande, and the Engliſh men poſſeſſed the other parcels, lying from Star|ling vnto the Eaſt ſea, betwixt the Scottiſh ſea and Northumberlande: ſo that by this meanes Clyde water, Forth, and the Scottiſh ſea (where Forth runneth into the maine ſea) deuided the Scottes from the Engliſh men and Brytaynes. And thus was the towne of Sterling common marche vnto thoſe three people, the ſame towne with the Caſtell remayning vnto Oſbert, as it was couenãted amõgſt other articles of this peace

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 186Here as the Scottes wryters haue, he ordey|ned his mynt, and his coyners of money to inha|bite, wherevpon came vp the name of Sterling money: but therein they are deceyued, for as in the hyſtorie of England ſhall appeare, that name came not in vſe till many yeares after.

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