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Compare 1587 edition: 1 When the enimies were aduertiſed howe farre out of order all things ſtoode in the Scot|tiſhe campe for wante of good and diſcrete chief|taines, Oſbert with all ſpeede gotte a mightie hoſte togither againe, and before his approche was looked for of the Scottes, he commeth vpon them one mornyng in the breake of the day, and aſſayleth them in theyr lodgyngs, wherein hee founde them ſo vnprouided of al helpes to make reſiſtaunce, that it was a wounder to ſee the diſ|order that appeared amongſt them: ſome of [figure appears here on page 183] them rennyng vpon theyr enimies naked with|out all diſcretion,The Scottes campe ſudden|ly inuaded. other breakyng foorth of the campe to ſaue themſelues by flight, not ſpa|ryng hill nor dale where they ſawe any way to eſcape the enimies handes, though it were with preſent daunger of breaking theyr neckes downe the ſidelyng bankes and craggie rockes, beyng forced thereto by the fierce purſute of the En|gliſhmen and Brytons, who moſt egrely preaſ|ſed vpon them in all places to reuenge the late receyued ouerthrowe and ſlaughter of theyr friendes and kinſfolke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There died of the Scots in this mortal bicke|ring aboue .xx. thouſand perſons.xx. thouſand Scottiſhmen ſlayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 184 King Donald is taken with the nobilitieKing Donald being faſt a ſleepe at the firſte aſſault of the enimies, as he that had drunken o|uer night more than enough, was taken before he coulde make any ſhifte for himſelfe with all the reſidue of the nobilitie, that eſcaped with life.

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