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Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length Oſbert and Ella kings of Nor|thumberlande were perſwaded through inſtant ſuyte to take that enterpryce in hande,Osbert & Ella kings of Nor|thumberland. the ra|ther vpon truſt of good ſucceſſe, for that they vn|derſtood what lacke of politike gouernment was then remayning amongſt the Scottes, by rea|ſon of the kinges naughtie demeanour and moſt inordinate trade of lyfe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But firſt there was a league concluded with newe articles of agreement betwixte the En|gliſhmen and Brytons,The Engliſh|men & Brytõs ioyned theyr powers with the Pictes. as yet inhabiting a|longſt the coaſtes of Cumberlande, by meanes EEBO page image 183 of whiche league bothe Brytons and Engliſh|men ioyned theyr powers togither, and in moſte ſpeedy and forcible wiſe paſſed the water of Tweede, firſt pitching theyr campe in the coun|trey of Mers. From whence immediatly kyng Oſbert (beyng appoynted as generall in that iourney) ſente an Herault vnto Donalde the Scottiſhe king,An Herault is ſent vnto Do|nald. commaunding him eyther to ſurrender vp vnto the Pictes all ſuche regions as the Scottes had taken from them, eyther els to looke to haue the Engliſhmen and Brytons no leſſe theyr enimies than the Pictes, whoſe cauſe they had taken vpon them to mayntaine and defende.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Donald being at the firſte ſore troubled with theſe newes, yet at length by the aduiſe of his no|bles hee tooke a good harte vnto him, and in de|fence of his realme, cauſed muſters to be taken throughout all his dominions,Osbert is put to the flight, at Iedworth, or Iedburgh. and foorthwith came into the fielde to encounter his enimies, whom hee founde at Iedworth ready to giue battell, where after ſore fight, in the ende Oſ|bert with his people was chaſed to the nexte mountaines.

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