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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Wherevpon diuers of the Nobles remem|bring what appertayned to theyr dueties,The king is admoniſhed of his Nobles. ſpa|red not but freely admoniſhed the king what daunger woulde enſue of his miſordered beha|uiour, if hee reformed not his manners, nor re|ſtrayned the licencious doyngs of his ſeruaunts and familie. But when they perceyued that theyr woordes were not regarded, but for the ſame they themſelues ranne into diſpleaſure, they ſorrowed not a litle to ſee ſo ſmall hope of amendment of ſuche enormities, as euery where reygned through the region: for all youthfull perſons gyuen to ſenſuall luſte fol|lowed the ſame without any feare or care of cor|rection, ſo that there was no meaſure of offen|ding and haunting of euill rule in all parties, in ſo muche that ſhortely through wante of all good gouernaunce, wrong was placed in ſteede of righte, and contempt of Goddes ho|nour embraced euery where in place of ver|tue.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In this meane whyle,The exiled Pictes requyre ayde of the Engliſhmen. the reſidue of the Pictes remayning amongſt the Engliſhmen, ceaſſed not to ſolicite the gouernours of the countrey to ayde them towardes the recouerie of theyr dominion out of the Scottiſhmens handes, promyſing to be ſubiectes vnto the En|gliſh nation, if by their helpe they might be reſto|red to their auncient ſeates.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length Oſbert and Ella kings of Nor|thumberlande were perſwaded through inſtant ſuyte to take that enterpryce in hande,Osbert & Ella kings of Nor|thumberland. the ra|ther vpon truſt of good ſucceſſe, for that they vn|derſtood what lacke of politike gouernment was then remayning amongſt the Scottes, by rea|ſon of the kinges naughtie demeanour and moſt inordinate trade of lyfe.

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