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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The boundes [...] Scottiſh ki [...]gdome.But nowe to returne vnto Kenneth, who hauing (as is ſayde) enlarged the boundes of his kingdome, ſo as the ſame ſtretched foorth vnto the confynes of Northumberlande on the one ſide, and to the Iſles of Orknay, on the other the ſea compaſſing in the reſidue, at the length after hee hadde reygned aboute twentie yeares in greate renowme and glory, hee depar|ted out of this lyfe,

King Kenneth departeth out of this life.

85 [...] H.B.

through to muche abun|d [...]n [...]ce of rewmatike mater, at Fortivoite, in the yeare of our Lorde .856. His bodie was con|ueyed into the Iſle of Colmekill, and there ho|norably buried amongſt his aunceſtours.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 DonaldAFter his deceaſſe ſucceeded in gouernment of the realme his brother Donald,Donald the [...] of that [...] accer| [...] [...] bro|ther Kenneth. farre dif|fering in qualities from his noble brother the foreſayde Kenneth, but yet before he came to the rule of the realme, he diſcloſed not his vicious nature, for doubte of offending the king his bro|ther.The king is of diſſolute behauiour. Neuertheleſſe he had continued vnneth twoo yeares in the aſtate, but that he had ſub|uerted all good orders in his realme, by his naughtie enſamples of diſſolute liuing: for his minde was ſet on nothing but on wanton plea|ſures: as in the vnlawfull vſe of concubines, riotous banquetting, keepyng of Hawkes, Houndes, and Horſes for pleaſure, and not for the vſe of warres, whereof hee had no regarde at all: for ſuche charges as hee ſhoulde haue bene at for mayntenance of men of warre to keepe the frounters of his realme, was imployed vpon a ſorte of raſcals, that ſerued him in the furthe|rance of his wanton delites and voluptuous de|ſires, as Huntſmẽ, Fauconers, Cookes, Bawdes, Ruffians, and ſuche lyke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Wherevpon diuers of the Nobles remem|bring what appertayned to theyr dueties,The king is admoniſhed of his Nobles. ſpa|red not but freely admoniſhed the king what daunger woulde enſue of his miſordered beha|uiour, if hee reformed not his manners, nor re|ſtrayned the licencious doyngs of his ſeruaunts and familie. But when they perceyued that theyr woordes were not regarded, but for the ſame they themſelues ranne into diſpleaſure, they ſorrowed not a litle to ſee ſo ſmall hope of amendment of ſuche enormities, as euery where reygned through the region: for all youthfull perſons gyuen to ſenſuall luſte fol|lowed the ſame without any feare or care of cor|rection, ſo that there was no meaſure of offen|ding and haunting of euill rule in all parties, in ſo muche that ſhortely through wante of all good gouernaunce, wrong was placed in ſteede of righte, and contempt of Goddes ho|nour embraced euery where in place of ver|tue.

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