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Compare 1587 edition: 1 For ſuch tokens of valiancie and worthie prowes as Gathelus ſhewed, both in this Countrey, & in other places, he grew alſo into ſuch eſtimation with Pharao, that he gaue him his daughter in mariage. But Moſes was rather enuied than honored for his doyng, bycauſe the Egyptians doub|ted leaſt the Iſraelites ſhould encreaſe to ſuch a puyſſant multitude, that in the ende they might v|ſurpe and chalenge the gouernance of the whole Realme, and bring it by rebelling into their owne handes: wherefore diuerſe informations were made to the king agaynſt him,Moyſes fled. ſo that when he once perceyued himſelfe to be in daunger of the lawe, and looked for no mercie at their handes, fled from thence out of the Countrey, and gate him into the lande of Madian.The Citie Thebes was giuen vnto Gathelus. Scota daughter to Pharao.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Vnto Gathelus and his people, there was giuen a Citie called Thebes (Egyptiaca) being ta|ken from the Iſraelites.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Here muſt you vnderſtande, that Pharaos daughter whiche Gathelus thus maryed, was called Scota, of whom ſuch as came of the poſteritie of that nation, were afterwardes, and are at this pre|ſent day called Scoti, that is to ſay Scottiſh men: and the land where they inhabite Scotia, that is to ſay, Scotlande.

The credite of this hiſtorie of Gathelus, we leaue to the authors. Iſrael oppreſ|ſed.

Moſes called out of Madian into Egypt.

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