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5.21. Ryuall the .13. Ruler.

Ryuall the .13. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Riual. [figure appears here on page 27] RIuallon, the ſon of Cunedag began to raign ouer ye Britaines, in the yere of the world 3203. before the building of Rome .15. Ibathan as then beeing King of Iuda, and Phacea king of Iſrael. This Ryuall gouerned the lande in greate wealth and pro|ſperitie.It rayned bloud. Mat. VVeſt. In his time it raigned bloud by the ſpace of three dayes togither. After which raigne enſu|ed ſuch an exceding nũber and multitude of flies, ſo noyſome and contagious, that muche people died by reaſon thereof. When he ha [...] [...] yeeres he died & was b [...]ed at [...]aer [...]ranke nowe called Yorke. In ye time of this Ryuals raigne,Rome builded. was the Citie of Rome builded, after the accor|dance of moſt parte of writers. Perdix alſo a wiſehart, and a learned Aſtrologian florriſheth & writeth his prophecies, and H [...]ne alſo.

5.22. Gurguſt the .14. Ruler.

Gurguſt the .14. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 27] GVrguſtius,Gurguſt [...] the ſon of the beforenamed Riuall, beganne to go|uerne the Britaynes in the yeere after the Cre|atiõ of the world .3249. and after the firſt foun|dation of Rome .33. E| [...]echias raigning in Iu|da. This Gurguſtius in ye Chronicle of Eng|land, is called Gordodian the ſonne of Reignald, he raigned .37. yeres: then departing this life, was buried at Caerbranke (now called Yorke) by hys father.

5.23. Syſillius the .15. Ruler.

Syſillius the .15. Ruler.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 27] SYſillius,Syſillius or after ſome writers Silui|us, the brother of Gur|guſtius, was choſen to haue the gouernance of Britayne, in the yeere of the worlde .3287. and after the building of Rome .71. Manaſſes ſtill raigning in Iuda. This Siſillius in the Engliſh Chronicle is named Sezil. He raigned 40. yeeres, and then died, and was buried at Car|badon, now called Bath.

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