The Alfredian Boethius Project

Anglo-Saxon adaptations of the De Consolatione Philosophiae

Third Annual Symposium

English Faculty, Oxford University, 4 July 2005

Boethius, De Consolatione Philosophiae : historical and political contexts

The third of the annual symposia was held in Oxford on 4 July and focused on the historical and political contexts for the writing of the Consolation, the Carolingian recovery and the Alfredian translation, and issues of authorship.


The following papers were given:

Peter Heather, Oxford University: Theoderic and Boethius

Antonio Sennis, University College London: Carolingian views of Late Antiquity

Mary Garrison, University of York: Alcuin and Boethius

Malcolm Godden, Oxford University: Boethius and Theoderic in the commentaries and the Alfredian adaptation

Susan Irvine, University College London: The authorship of the Alfredian versions and the relationship of prose and verse



Other participants included:

Alexandra Domingue, Leeds University
Allen Frantzen, Loyola University
Suzanne Gaertner, Munich University
Mark Griffith, Oxford University
Peter Jackson, Oxford
Rohini Jayatilaka, Oxford University
Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky
Rosamond McKitterick, Cambridge University
Henry Mayr-Harting, Oxford University
Malcolm Parkes, Oxford University
Kirsty Saunders, University of York
Roger Wright, University of Liverpool


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