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These faults to be amended. For sir Iohn Perot, read Pollard, pag. 1551, b 20. For sealed seldome, 1555, b 50 For Henrie the first, read the second, 1548, b 50 The rest good reader, as iudgement shall lead thee, reforme.

FINIS propositi laus Christo nescia FINIS.
EEBO page image 1536

Finished in Ianuarie 1587, and the 29 of the Queenes Maiesties reigne, with the full continuation of the former yeares, at the expenses of Iohn Hari|son, George Bishop, Rafe Newberie, Henrie Denham, and Tho|mas Woodcocke.

AT LONDON Printed in Aldersgate street at the signe of the Starre.

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