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Appendix A.16 Q.


  • QUarrell betwixt the bishops and moonks of Cantur|burie about the archbishops election, 169. b 30. That the French king picketh against England, 518. a 30. Faint picked against the duke of Glocester, 627, a 10. Upon a small cause, 126, a 30. Pro|secuted vnto great mischeefe: note, 304, b 30. Ended with murther, 568. b 20. ¶ See Debate, Fraie, Mutinie, Ri|ot and Warres.
  • Queene Adelicia second wife to Henrie the first, descended of the dukes of Loraine, barren, 41. b 60
  • Queene Aldgitha sent to Che|ster, and whose sister she was, 1. a 30
  • Queene Annes coronation pro|clamed, & the same celebrated with great pompe, 930. a 40. &c. 931.932.933.934. With child. 929. b 40. Brought a bed of queene Elisabeth, 934. b 20. Committed to the tow|er, hir imprecation at the towre gate, she is arreigned, hir words at hir death, 940. a 10. 20.60
  • Queene Anne wife to king Ri|chard the third and daughter to Richard earle of Warwike, 733, b 60
  • Queene Anne wife to king Ri|chard the second deceaseth, 481, a 20
  • Queene Berengaria crowned, the wife of Richard the first, 128. a 40
  • Queene Elenor Richard the firsts mother returneth home into England, 127. a 50
  • Queene Elenor king Iohns mother an enimie to hir ne|phue Arthur, 158. a 60. Brought a bed of a daughter, 69. a 40. Sendeth for speedie succour to king Iohn, 164. b 10. Studieth to mainteine the strife betwixt hir sonnes, 86. b 60.87, a 10. Committed to close prison, 92 b 50. Set at libertie after long imprison|ment, 117. a 50. Deceaseth, 167. b 60
  • Queene Elenor the wife of Henrie the third, 219. Passeth into Normandie, 158, b 10. Forsaketh the world, and be|commeth a nun, 283. b 50. Deceaseth, hir praise, 285. b 30. Hir buriall, 288. b 20
  • Queene Elisabeth crowned and annointed queene, 768. a 60. Deliuered of hir first sonne, 769. b 10. Forward and re|die to further the vniting of the two houses of Lancaster and Yorke, 742. a 1020.30. Taketh sanctuarie, 715. b 60. Hir desolut estate, 716. a 30
  • Queene Elisabeth, late wife to Edward the fourth, 615. b. 30 Adiudged to forfeit all hir lands for promise breaking. 765 b 40. She liueth a mise|rable and wretched life, she e|rected a college in Cambridge, b 50.60. Inconstant, she allu|reth hir sonne the marquesse Dorsset home out of France, 750 b 20.30. The cardinall thought the fittest man to deale with hir for the surren|dring of hir sonne, reasons whie it was thought meet to fetch him out of sanctuarie, the duke of Buckinghams words vnto hir, 717. a 40. b 10.40. Hir answers to the persuaders, she is loth to part with hir sonne, hir mistrust of the lord protector, she faleth to a resolution touching hir sonnes deliuerie, 719. a 60. b 10.30
  • Queene Elisabeth Greie, wife to Edward the fourth, 668. a 40. Hir father and brother be|headed: note, 673. a 30. De|liuered of a prince, the same christened like a poore mans child, 677. b 10
  • Queene Elisabeth surnamed the good deceaseth, 791. a 10
  • Queene Elisabeth of Castile dieth with issue male, 792. b 20
  • Queen Elisabeth second daugh|ter to Henrie the eight, borne and christened, the statelie or|der thereof: note, 934. b 20. Proclamed queene, the begin|ning of hir reigne, hir remooue from Hatfield, the flourishing estate of this land vnder hir reigne, 1170, b Hir remooue to the Tower, to Summerset house, 1171. a 10.20. Hir praier as she went to be crowned, 1180. a 10. Crow|ned, 1180. a 30. Desirous to know the meaning of the re|presentations of the pagents, 1173. b 30. Listeneth to a childs oration, 1174. b 40. Hir promise with thanks to the citie of London 1175. a 20. b 60. Remooueth from West|minster to the Tower by wa|ter, from thense to Westmin|ster through London, saluteth them that salute hir, pagents and shewes of reioising, 1172. all. Hir words vnto the lord maior of London, 1176, a 30. She receiueth Verbum Dei, kisseth it, and laieth it in hir lap, b 50. She thinketh vpon the cities charge, how willing she was to heare a childs speach 1177 b 20. The cities farewell vnto hir, going out at Temple barre, 1178, b 60. Hir last words to the citie by waie of promise, 1178, a 30. Notes of hir mercie &c. a 60. Hir humilitie in receiuing ve|rie trifles thankfullie, b 30. Not forgetfull to glorifie God who glorified hir, b 60 A motion made to hir in the parlement house touching ma|riage, with hir answer therto, hir promise, 1181, a 20, 40. &c. b 20. Determineth to aid the Scots suing for aid, 1186, b 40.1187 a 10. Sued vnto out of Denmarke about mariage, 1185. b 10, 20. Furnisheth hir land with armor and muni|tion, 1193. b 60. Greeued with the losse of Paules steeple, hir beneuolence towards the re|paring thereof, 1194, a 40. And what causes mooued hir to send a power into France, 1195. a 30. b 10.30.40. Hir progresse to & through Cam|bridge, hir oration to the vni|uersitie, 1206. b 20: &c. To Oxford, she maketh an orati|on to the vniuersitie, 1209. a 60. b 10. Hir owne words importing how deerelie she lo|ueth hir people, 1221. b 30. Hir manifold vertues, b 50. Goeth to the Bursie being finished, nameth it the Roiall exchange 1224. a 60. Hir destruc|tion deuised to be practised. ¶ See Priests seminarie, and note it well. Hir answer to the maior of Norwich his o|ration, 1289. a 20. Incoura|ging words vnto Stephan Lambert redie to make an o|ration vnto hir, 1294. b 30. She highlie commendeth [...], 1296. a 20. Hir behauiour [...]f|ter all hir welcomming, 12 [...]7 a 20. Hir departure from th [...] citie heauilie taken, 1298. a 10 20. Hir words at hir [...] with water in hir eies, b 40 Hir progresse into Suffolk and Northfolke, with th whole manner of the sumptu+ous sights, and whatsoeue [...] else was deuised for pleasur and delight, 1287. a 30. 128 [...]. &c: to 1299. In d [...]nger of gunshot being in he pri [...]ie barge, 1310. b 10. The p [...]ace of hir abode during he time of hir tarriance in Norwich, 1291, a 60. Accom [...]nieth the duke of Alanson t [...] Cantur|burie, 1330, a 30. [...]0. An in|tention to murtherhir, and the partie executo, 1356. a 50. She giueth ad to the de|fense of the low countries, & whie so mooued to doo, 1414. a 50. &c. to 1419. a 10. Shamefullie slandered by hir enimies, and the same answe|red: note, 1418 a 30. &c. Hir oration to the p [...]rlement house note, 1396. a 50. &c. Hir mag|nanimitie knowing Parries vowed treasons against hir & yet concealing it, 1391, a 60. Parries treasonable practises to kill hir and vndoo the whole realme: note well 1382. a 50. 60. &c. to 1385. Hir magna|nimitie in suffering a knowne and sworne traitor against hir to haue accesse vnto and talke with hir, 1383. a 20. Conspi|red against, and hir depriuati|on sought by traitors: note, 1370. a 40.50.60. b 10. &c. to 1375. ¶ See Elisabeth and Babington.
  • Queene Iane proclamed with sound of trumpet queene of England, 1084. b 10. ¶See Iane.
  • Queene Iane deceseth, 544 b 40
  • Queene Ione late wife to king Henrie the fourth arrested by the duke of Bedford and com|mitted. 568. b 10
  • Queene Isabell the wife of king Edward the second, 318. b 60 319. a 10
  • Queene Isabell the second wife of king Iohn. 162. a 30
  • Queene Isabell wife vnto king Richard the second transpor|ted into France, 519. a 60. And conueied to Paris, hir second marriage, b 10.20
  • Queene Isabell married vnto Hugh Brune erle of March 202. a 60
  • Queene Katharine, hir coronation, the wife of king Henrie the fift, 578. b 60. Solemnitie thereat, 579. a 10. Saileth into France. 581 b. 60.
  • Queene Katharines coronation, traine, and sumptuousnesse, 801. b. 20. &c. Deliuered of hir first sonne named Henrie, 807. a 20. Chooseth lawiers in hir behalfe to iustifie hir marriage, hir lamentable speech in presence of the court, she auoucheth the coniunction good, she departeth out of the court & is called againe, 907. a 10. 50. Procureth a cursse against king Henrie the eight and his realme from the pope, 936, a 60. Hir words vpon the motion of a diuorse, standeth stiffe in the lawfulnesse of hir mariage, 927. a 10. &c. b. 60. Accuseth cardinall woolseie, hath communication with the cardinall in hir priuie chamber, refuseth to make sudden answer to a diuorce, 908. a 30. b 10. 20. Is diuorced from king Henrie the eight, 929. b 60, 930, a.10. Princesse Dowager, 929. b 30. Deceaseth, 939. b. 20.
  • Queene Katharine, hir paramors detected of incontinent liuing, 954. b. 30. 40. &c. She is atteinted by parlement, sent to the Tower and beheaded, 955. 30.40. &c. 50.
  • Que [...]e Marie commeth vnto L [...]don, 1088. b 50. Procla|m [...] queene, 1088. a 30. Hir cornation, pompe, and traine 10 [...]. a 20. Hir mariage, di|ue [...] diuerslie affected thera|bo [...], and what they did, 1120. a 6 [...] b 10. A report that she wawith child, 1123. b 40. An what curious order is tak [...] for the yoong prince yet vn [...]rne: note, 1124. all. Ta [...]e betweene hir and hir siste [...] the ladie Elisabeth: note 115 a 10. Hir stout courage and ind of manhood, 1099. a 10. Hir deathconspired, and the p [...]ties executed, 1117. a 60 She [...] cardinal Poole resisted the p [...]e, 1365, a 60. Hir ora|tion [...] Guild [...]all to the Lon|doner [...], 1096 a 60 Is com|pared if the [...]apists to queene Iudith, 112, b 20. Hir ora|tion touchin the restitution of abbeie land [...] 1127. b 10. &c. Great pre [...]ration & triumph for hir lien [...]n childbed, 1130. b 50.60. [...]hat became of hir child no [...] can tell: note, 1131. a 10 [...]c. Proclameth o|pen warsgainst the French king, th [...]capteins of hir for|ces, 113, b 10.30. With what in [...]nation she tooke the losse of [...]alis, 1149. b 40. Pensife or the losse thereof, sickenet and dieth, 1151. b 10 20. H [...] neuer good successe in anie [...]ing she went about, 1161. 10. How long and when [...]e prospered, hir pro|mise t [...]the gospellers broken, 50.60 Hir ill lucke in the losse of Cas, b 10. In hir child|birth [...]0. With hir husband, 50. Hir finall end and death. 60. The time of hir reigne, 1162 a 10. Hir death, the ma|ner t [...]ereof, thought to be for the l [...]sse of Calis, more bloud spiltin hir reigne than in anie kin [...]s daies before, how vn|pro [...]perous it was vnto hir an [...] hir realme in all respects, 1160. b 10. &c. Buried, and the maner thereof, 1178, b 49
  • Queene Marie king Henrie the rights sister crowned queene of France: note, with what pompe, 833. a 60. b 10. &c. EEBO page image 1523 Dowager of France. ¶ Sée Duke of Suffolke.
  • Quéene Marie Dowager of Scotland deceaseth, 1192, a 10
  • Quéene Margaret the wife of Henrie the sonne of Henrie the second, 82, b 60. Brought a bed, 101, b 20
  • Quéene Margaret wife to Ed|ward the first, deliuered of Thomas Burtherton hir first sonne, 309, a 50
  • Quéene Margaret Henrie the sixt his wife lieth at Couen|trie, she is a better capteine than hir husband the king, 654, a 50. Described, she ta|keth vpon hir the gouerne|ment, & dischargeth the duke of Glocester, 626, b 40, 60 With hir sonne goeth into Wales, 665, a 60. She retur|neth out of France, 666, a 10 Fortunat in hir two battels: note, 660, b 50. Sendeth to the maior of London for vit|tels, some sent by the maior & staid by the commons, she re|turneth northward, 661, a 10, 20, &c. Hir flight, she is rob|bed, 655, a 10. Commeth to Ambois to sée the earle of Warwike, 674, b 50. She with hir son prince Edward land with a power out of France, 685, b 20, She is comforted by the nobles of England, b 60. The feare which she had for hir sonne, 686, a 10. Ta|ken prisoner, 688, b 60
  • Quéene Maud deliuered of a sonne called William, 31, a 30 Departeth this life, 39, b 10
  • Quéene Maud wife to king Stephan sueth for the release of hir husband to the emperor, 53, b 50
  • Quéene Philip wife to king Edward the third, 348, b 20 Deliuered of Iohn of Gaunt hir fourth sonne, 357, a 60 Brought a bed of Edmund Langleie afterwards duke of Yorke, 363, a 30. Deceaseth, hir thrée petitions of the king, hir praise, 404, a 20
  • Quéene of England with hir sonne goeth into Heinault, 337, b 10. They both arriue in Suffolke, she is assisted by the prelats, hir proclamation, 338, a 10, 30. She followeth the king to Oxford, the bishop of Hereford maketh an orati|on to hir armie, she goeth to Glocester and Bristow, the lords cleaue to hir, 339, all. In danger of drowning, 265, a 10 Deliuered of a daughter, 249, a 40.230, b 10, 378, a 50.362, a 30. Deliuered of Edmund, 236 a 50. Hir request & letters withstood by a subiect: note, 376, a 60. Hir liberalitie to|wards king Henrie the third, 249, a 50. Out of fauour with Edward the second hir hus|band, 332, a 40. Sent ouer in|to France to talke with hir brother, 336, a 30
  • Quéene of Denmarke was the daughter of king Henrie the fourth, 513, b 10. She is sent ouer to hir husband, 532, a 20
  • Quéene of Scots and the erle of Angus hir husband come into England, 838, a 20. She commeth vnto the English court, how interteined, 50, 60, &c. Returneth to Scotland, 844, a 20. Conueied into France and maried vnto the Dolphin, 1056, b 60
  • Quéene Dowager of Scotland dooth what she can to procure war against England, 1142, a 10. ¶Sée Agatha, Francis Throckmorton, Margaret, Maud.
  • Quéene mother gouernor of the realme, 548, a 40
  • Quéenes of France and Hun|garie decease, 1171, b 60
  • Quéenes thrée in the English court at once, 838, a 60
  • Quéenes college in Cambridge founded by the ladie Elisa|beth wife to king Edward the fourth 765, b 60
  • Questions in law demanded of the iustices: note, 456, b 20 457, a 10, &c.

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