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Appendix A.14 O.


  • OBedience and what rigo|rous means duke Willi|am vsed to reduce the Eng|lish therunto, 5, b 10, &c. 6, a 40 Of erle Richard to his father Henrie the second, 109, a 60. Of the church of Scotland to the church of England, 97, b 10
  • Occasion taken to inuade Eng|land: note, 19, b 10 Taken of an inuasion, 212, b 40, 50
  • Odo bishop of Baieux, gouer|nor of England in duke Wil|liams absence, 5, a 10 In armes against the earle of Cambridge, 11, a 50. Conspi|reth against his nephue Wil|liam Rufus, 17, a 20. Erle of Kent, 13, a 60.18, a 60. In arms against king Williams freends in Kent, 17, a 30. Is sent into Northumberland to reuenge Walk [...]ers death, 12, b 20. Glad to submit himselfe for lacke of vittels, 18, a 10 Lost his liuings in England and returneth into Norman|die, 18, a 10
  • Offendors couer their faults with contrarie causes, 1358, b 60
  • Offense. ¶Sée Punishment.
  • Officer of the maior of London chosen shiriffe and lord maior, 764, b 60. ¶Sée Purueior, Sargent.
  • Officers called to accounts, and of their [...]raudulent dealing, 149, a 10. Go beyond their commission: note, 139, a 60 Of king Iohn oppresse the people, 183, b 50. About Hen|rie the seuenth abuse the com|mon people extremelie, 792, b 10. The cause of manie mens vndooing and other trouble, 794, b 10. Changed throghout the realme, 645, b 60. Chosen by sound aduise, 543, b 40. Of the king of Spaine full of ty|rannicall lordlinesse & villa|nie, 1335, a 50. New made, 509 b 40. Called to accounts, and restitution made out of hand with interest, 215, a 30. In displeasure with king Henrie for their deceit, 216, b 40. Cal|led to accounts how they had spent the kings treasure, 218, b 50. Punished for negligent looking to prisoners, 228, b 30 Appointed in an vprore, 273, a 30. Displaced and others pla|ced, 466, b 40, 60. Committed to the Tower, and new made in place of old discharged: note, 360, b 40, 50, 60. Complained of to king Ed|ward the third and punished, 369, b 10. ¶Sée Excheker and Iustices,
  • Offices set to sale for monie, 142, b 40. Clamed at the coro|nation of Henrie the fourth, 510. a 20
  • Oldcastell knight accused of heresie, scapeeth out of the Tower, 544, a 20, 50. Shif|teth from place to place, he is laid in wait for to be taken, 560, a 60. Taken and woun|ded, executed, 561, b 20, 40
  • Oneile the great of Ireland made knight, 808, a 50
  • Opportunitie taken by the Welshmen to inuade Eng|land, 21, b 10. Not to be neg|lected, 694, a 30. ¶ Sée Occa|sion.
  • Oppression punished: note, 256, b 20. Of the poore communal|tie whereto it grew. ¶ Sée Cursses, Empson, Extortion Officers.
  • Orange prince commeth into England, 1126, b 20. Taketh order for the interteinment of the duke of Alanson, 1330.
  • Oration of the earle Bald|wine to king Stephans ar|mie, 52, b 50. Of the French king to a great assemblie he sitting in his roialties. 904, b 40, &c. Of the duke of Yorke made vnto the lords of parle|ment, 655, b 20. Of prince Edward to the French king taken prisoner, 390, a 30. Of the archbishop of Canturbu|rie after the deposing of Ri|chard the second, 506 a 10,, &c Of the bishop of Elie lord chancellor to the lords of the parlement house: note, 459, b 40. Of earle Marshall of Penbroke in the assemblie of peeres, 197, a 40. Of queene Eli [...]abeth which she made to the parlement house: note, 1396, a 50, &c. Of the deputie of the states of the low coun|tries vnto quéene Elisabeth: note, 1411, a 60, b 10, &c: 1412, a 10, &c. In Latine and En|glish of a Dutch minister to quéene Elisabeth being in Norwich, 1293, a 40, b 50. Of quéene Elisabeth to the vni|uersitie in Latine, 1206, b 60, 1207, a 10, &c. Of quéene E|lisabeth by waie of answer in the parlement house touching a motion of marriage, 1181, [...] 40, &c. Of Henrie the fift to the king of France, 576, a 10. Of the duke of Buckingham to the maior of London, al|dermen, and commoners in the Guildhall, 728, a 60, b 10, &c. Of Henrie the seuenth to his armie, 757, a 60. Of king Edward the fourth li|eng on his dethbed: note, 713, a 50, &c. 708, b 50. Of a French herald to Edward the fourth vttered with boldnesse of face and libertie of toong, 695, b 40 Of the French king to an English herald, giuing him defiance, 695, b 60, 696, a 10. &c. Of Faber summarilie set downe, 894, b 50. Of Emp|son to find fauor, 803, b 60. Of Henrie the eight in the parle|ment house, 971, a 20, &c. Of the French king before an honorable assemblie, and fa|uoring of displeasure, 902, b 60. Of sir Thomas Moore in the parlement house, 910, b 10, &c. Of two heralds to the emperor Charles, 899, a 50. Of sir Thomas Moore in the parlement, 876, a 50, 60. Of Tunstall made to the parle|ment, 876, a 20. Of the arch|bishop of Canturburie in the parlement summarilie touch|ed, 812, a 60. Of Perkin War|becke the counterfet vnto the king of Scots, 780, a 50. Of cardinall Poole in the parle|ment house 1122, a 60, b 10, &c. Of quéene Marie in Guild|hall to the Londoners, 1096, a 60, 1097, As touching the restitution of abbeie lands, 1127, b 10, &c. Of archbishop Hubert of Canturburie vnto the lords at the crowning of king Iohn, 158, b 60, 159, a 10 Of the bishop of Durham to his souldiors, 49, a 60. Of the earle of Chester to the earle of Glocester. 52, a 10. In Latine & English of Stephan Lim|bert schoolemaiste r in Nor|wich to quéene Elisabeth at hir being there, 1294, b 40, &c. 1295, a 10, &c. The same high|lie commended by the quéene, 1296, a 20
  • Orator proud & presumptuous, 567, a 40
  • Order of the round table, the feast kept, 280, b 60. Of the ga [...]ter founded: note, and the cause thereof, 366, a 50, &c.
  • Ordinances. ¶ Sée Clergie Ex officio.
  • Orkenie. ¶ Sée Englishmen.
  • Orleance besieged, a bulworke there taken, 599, a 20, 40, The siege broken vp, 601, a 50
  • Osborne with a nauie out of EEBO page image 1516 Denmarke arriueth in Eng|land, and whie, 6, b 50. He is proffered great kindnesse of duke William to depart out of the north countries, 7, b 40, 50
  • Osmond bishop of Salisburie, made the seruice after Salis|burie vse, 15, b 50
  • Osneie abbeie when founded: note, 1080, b 20
  • Ossestrie town in Wales burnt thrise in thrée yers, 1210, a 10
  • Osulfe strangelie slaine by a théefe, 13, a 30
  • Oth for the confirmation of peace betwéen the two kings of England & France doone by proxe: note, 675, a 10, &c. b 10. Of obseruing the leage interchangablie made and ta|ken of Henrie the eight and the emperor Charles, 873, b 50. Most wicked and disloi|all of noblemen against their king, 674, b 60. Falsified by the lord Granuill, 586, a 10 Of fealtie to prince Edward, 226, a 10. Not to infringe the statutes of Oxford, 261, a 50 Corporall receiued vpon the holie mysteries and swoord of Thomas Becket, 303, b 40, Of fidelitie to Edward the third taken of the Flemings, 357, a 40. Concerning the peace betwéene the king of England and France, solem|lie taken in parlement of the states: note 395, b 10. So|lemn of the second K of Eng|land to sée peace peformed, 394, b 40. Of the nobles to be true to prince Richard after his fathers decease, 411, a 30 Of rebels ministred vnto all passengers, 430, a 50. Of the commons of Hertfordshire to Richard the second, 438, a 30 Of the gentlemen of North|folke forced by the rebels, 435 a 30. Of the duke of Lanca|ster & Hereford combattant touching the iustnesse of his quarrell, 495, a 10. Taken of the two kings of England & France for the assurance of both their faithfull meanings 486, b 40. Of Richard the se|cond to performe the noble|mens orders, 465, a 40. Of the lords banded against the king, 459, a 50. Receiued of L [...]ol [...]e prince of Wales to Edward the first: note, 279, a 10. Of Edward the first in his anger to one of his no|bles: note, 302, b 10. Of the French king to aid the sonne against the father, 87, b 10. Forced vpon the lord maior of London, 338, b 10. Of Ed|ward the second at his coro|nation, which hée said hée would not vnswear, 326, b 50 Nothing regarded of Ed|ward the second: 321, b 30. Exacted of Henrie the third by his nobles, 258, b 20. Of Henrie the third at a parle|ment with an imprecation: note, 248, a 60. Of Thomas Becket whereof he repenteth him: note, 70, b 10. Of the earle of Flanders 91, a 10. Of a cardinall not to preiudice the realme, 239, b 60. Giuen to the earle of Glocester by Henrie the third on his death bed, 276, a 40. Of the maior, aldermen, and communaltie of London sworne vnto Hen|rie the third, 264, a 20, &c. Nothing regarded of the French king, 205, b 10. Of Lewes vrged vpon him by Henrie the third, 205, a 60. Of the traitor Parrie in a trea|sonable action, 1386 b 40. In|terchangeable of the duke of Alanson and the people, 1342, a 50, 60 b 10. Of the duke of Alanson read openlie to the people, 1337, a 10. Of K. Ri|chard the first at his coronati|on, 118, a 60. Receiued of the earle of Warwike and other officers at Newhauen, 1196, a 30. Taken of the bishops & barons for their loialtie, 1, b 20. Of duke William at his coronation, 1, b 30. Of duke William solemnlie taken and cruellie broken, 10, a 20. Of William Rufus by saint Lukes face, 27, a 60. Of the thrée estates of France, 578, a 30. Of the duke of Bur|goigne with others to Hen|rie the fift, 572, b 40, &c. 573, a 20. It and submission of the duke of Yorke to Henrie the sixt, 639, b 60. Of the duke of Northfolke kept with the losse of his life, 759, b 10. Cor|porall of the earle of Rich|mond to marie Edward the fourths daughter, 745, b 20 Of the French king at an interuiew, 699, b 60. Taken of the nobilitie in Henrie the firsts time for their fealtie, 38, a 60. Taken of the lords tou|ching the succession of the crowne, 43, a 10 Of Lewes the sonne of the French king when hée laboured to get the crowne of England, 191, b 60 Of pope Innocent vsed vpon a complaint, 187, b 10. Of al|legiance to be true to K. Iohn against all other persons, 184 b 10. Of diuerse erls and ba|rons of France to K. Iohn to assist him, 160, b 30. Of K. Iohn when his nobles were vp in armes against him, 185, a 40, 50. Of the earle of Poic|tou Richard the first his ne|phue, 150, a 40. Of aliegiance receiued of the people to Ri|chard the first in his absence, 137, b 40. Of allegiance to K. Richard the first at a coun|cell, 120, b 20. Of Lodoners to be true to king Richard the first and his heires, 131, b 30 Of the king of Cipres to Ri|chard the first, and broken: note, 128, a 10. Of king Ri|chard the first, the king of France and their barons, 125 a 40. Of iustices of itinerants 98, a 10. Taken about a place of méeting, 113, a 20. A dis|pensation for the same, 66, a 60. Of purgation taken so|lemnelie: note, 83, b 30. Ouer all the realme to obserue the kings peace, 148, a 20. Of fe|altie, Saluo semper ordine suo 85, a 60. Of allegiance newlie taken, 173, a 50. Taken and broken for preferment: note, 43, a 10. Touching an act of e|stablishing the crown taken of euerie person of lawfull age, 937, a 60, b 10. It & the sacra|ment taken but not ment to be obserued, 680, a 60. Cru|ellie made and cruellie kept: note, 723, a 10. Of allegiance broken and notablie punished by God: note, 659, b 60. Ad|ded to a promise and the same performed, 14, b 30. Taken to be true to the king and his heires, 14, a 60. Of a noble man by his honor: note, 1214, b 30. Upon the euangelist to stand to the iudgement of ho|lie church, 201, b 30. For re|stitution of heritages, rights, liberties, &c. 201, b 40. Infor|ced, absolued, 313, b 60. Made, broken, and punished, 418, b 50. With protestation in a case of innocencie: note, 458, a 10 Of allegiance confirmed by writing, 496, b 20
  • Oths that the dukes of Bra|bant were accustomed to take 1336, a 10. Corporall recei|ued for performance of agrée|ments, 30. a 20 Of obedience willinglie taken to K. Iohn, 157, b 30. Outragious order & discipline for them, 111, b 30 ¶Sée Periurie, Promise, and Uow.
  • Otho the emperor commeth o|uer into England, 170, b 60 ¶ Sée Odo.
  • Otuell an earls sonne, tutor to K. Henrie the first children 20, a 40
  • Ouse riuer: ¶Sée Trent.
  • Owen Glendouer: ¶ Sée Glendouer.
  • Owen prince of Wales slaine, 39 b 10
  • Owles deuoure mice: note a woonder, 1315, a 60, b 10
  • Oxford forsaken of the scho|lers 173, b 30. Uerie forward in preferring quéene Maries religion, 1102, b 10. Quéene Elizabeths progresse thither, 1209, a 60, b 10. The strange sicknesse there at the assise, whereof iudges died, &c. 1270, a 40, b 10. Their maner of in|terteining Albertus de La|sed, 1355, all. The maisters of the vniuersitie summoned to the parlement about the con|clusion of a peace, &c. 255, a 60 The scholers thereof fight against Henrie the third, 267, a 10 ¶Sée Debate, Fraie, Statutes, Treason, & Ua|riance.

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