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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The ninth of Nouember, the said Peter Burchet was remoued from the Lollards tower, to the tower of London, where on the next morrow about noone, whilest one that had kept him companie was gone downe, and locked the doore after him, leauing an o|ther with him called Hugh Longworth, who stood at the window reading in the bible, the said Burchet walking vp and downe in the chamber,Peter Bur|chet killeth his kéeper. tooke a bil|lets end out of the fire, and knocked the said Long|worth on the head, and left not till he had striken him starke dead: for the which on the next morow he was arreigned & condemned at Westminster, and then returned to Summerset house, where he remained that night: and on the next morrow being the twelfe of Nouember, he was brought to the gibet, where (after his right hand being striken off, and nailed to the gibbet) he was hanged nigh the place where hée wounded master Hawkins.Peter Bur|chet hanged. This yeare about Lam|mas, wheat was sold at London for thrée shillings the bushell: Anno Reg. 16. but shortlie after it was raised to foure shillings, fiue shillings, six shillings: & before Christ|mas to a noble, and seuen shillings,Dearth with|out scarsitie, & afterwards plentie to them that had monie. which so conti|nued long after: béefe was sold for twentie pence, and two and twentie pence the stone, and all other flesh and white meats at an excessiue price, all kind of salt fish verie deare, as fiue herings two pence, &c: yet great plentie of fresh fish, and oft times the same verie cheape: pease at foure shillings the bushell, otemeale at foure shillings eight pence: baie salt at thrée shillings the bushell, &c. All this dearth notwith|standing (thanks be giuen to God) there was no want of anie thing to them that wanted not monie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The fourth of Aprill being Paline sundaie, there was taken saieng of masse in the lord Morleis house within Algate of London, Priests sai|eng masse ap|prehended. one Albon Dalman priest, and the ladie Morleie with hir children, and di|uerse others were also taken hearing of the said masse. There was also taken the same daie and houre for saieng masse at the ladie Gilfords in Trinitie lane, one Oliuer Heiwood priest: and for hearing of the said masse, the said ladie Gilford with diuerse o|ther gentlewomen. There was also taken at the same instant in the ladie Browns house in Cowlane for saieng masse, one Thomas Heiwood priest, and one Iohn Cowper Priest, with the ladie Browne, and diuers other were likewise taken being hearers of the said masse. All which persons were for the same offenses indicted, conuicted, and had the law accor|ding to the statute in that case prouided. There was also found in their seuerall chappels, diuerse Latine bookes, beads, images, palmes, chalices, crosses, vest|ments, pixes, paxes, and such like.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The ninth of Iulie at six of the clocke at night,A monstrous fish (but not so monstrous as some repor|ted) for his eies being great, were in his head and not in his backe. in the Ile of Thanet besids Ramesgate, in the parish of saint Peter vnder the cliffe, a monstrous fish or whale of the sea did shoot himselfe on shore, where for want of water, beating himselfe on the sands, he di|ed about six of the clocke on the next morning, before which time he roared, and was heard more than a mile on the land. The length of this fish was twentie two yards, the nether iaw twelue foot the opening: one of his eies, being taken out of his head, was more than six horsse in a cart could draw, a man stood vpright in the place from whence the eie was taken. The thicknesse from the backe whereon he laie, to the top of his bellie (which was vpward) was fouretéene foot, his taile of the same breadth: betweene his eies twelue foot, thrée men stood vpright in his mouth, some of the ribs were six foot long, his toong was fif|téene foot long, his liuer two cart lode, into his nose|trils anie man might haue crept: the oile being boi|led out of the head was Sperma [...]. parmasitie, the oile of his bo|die was whitish and sweet of tast. The seuenth of Au|gust,Obsequie at Pauls for the French king. a solemne obsequie was kept in saint Paules church at London for Charles the ninth king of France, who deceassed on the twentie day of Maie last before passed.

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