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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The thirtith of December Reinold Greie was by the quéenes maiestie restored earle of Kent. Anno Reg. 14. ¶ The thirtéenth of Ianuarie deceassed sir William Peter knight,

Reinold Gre [...] earle of Kent I St. pag. 115 [...] Sir Willia Peter dec [...]sed.

His charita|ble déeds.

who for his iudgement and pregnant wit had béene secretarie and of the priuie councell to foure kings and quéenes of this realme, and seauen times ambassador abroad in forren lands: he augmented Exceter college in Oxford with lands, to the value of an hundred pounds by yeare: and also builded ten almes houses in the parish of Ingerstone for twen|tie poore people, ten within the house, and ten without the house, hauing euerie one two pence the daie, a winter gowne, and two load of wood, and among them féeding for six kine winter and summer, and a chapleine to saie them seruice dailie.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The sixteenth of Ianuarie the lord Thomas Ho|ward duke of Norffolke was arreigned at West|minster hall, before George lord Talbot,157 [...] Duke of Norf|folke arreig|ned. earle of Shrewesburie, high steward of England for that daie, and there by his péeres found giltie of high trea|son, and had iudgement accordinglie. The eleuenth of Februarie Kenelme Barneie, and Edmund Ma|ther were drawen from the tower of London,Mather, Barneie, and Rolfe execu|ted. and Henrie Rolfe from the Marshalsea in Southworke, all thrée to Tiburne and there hanged, bowelled, and quartered for treason; Barneie and Mather for con|spiracie, and Rolfe for counterfeiting of the quéens maiesties hand.

¶ The queenes maiestie hearing crediblie by re|port, I.S. pag. 1 [...]55. that certeine lewd persons, vnder pretense of EEBO page image 1228 executing commissions for inquiries to be made for lands concealed,Conueiers of bels, lead, and other church goods, are to b [...] punished to the example of their too manie followers. contrarie to hir maiesties mea|ning, chalenging lands, stocks of monie, plate, &c: let|ting not also to make pretense to the bels, led, and o|ther such things belonging vnto parish churches or chappels. Hir maiestie meaning spéedilie to with|stand such manner of vnlawfull practises, comman|ded, that all commissions then extant and not deter|mined, for inquisition of anie manner of conceale|ments, should be by Supersedias, out of hir excheker re|uoked.

And also appointed speedie remedie to be had against such extorcioners, as more at large appeareth by proclamation, concluding thus. Finallie, hir ma|iestie would hir iustices of assise to haue some speci|all care, not onelie to the premisses, but also to the re|forming of certeine couetous & iniurious attempts, of diuerse that of late time by other colour than for hir maiesties vse, had taken awaie the led of chur|ches and chappels; yea and bels also out of steeples, and other common goods belonging to parishes: an example not to be suffered vnpunished, nor vnrefor|med. And so hir maiestie eftsoones chargeth hir iu|stices of hir assise to prouide seuere remedie, both for punishment and reformation thereof. Dated at Westminster the thirtéenth daie of Februarie, the fourtéenth yeare of hir reigne.]

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