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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Though manie waies were sought by message and otherwise, to mooue the lord Fleming to defend with battell the fault and follie committed: yet it would not be; for he shifted off the matter, so as it well appered, it was but lost labor further to attempt him therein.A muster of Scotishmen to the number of 4000. The two and twentith of Maie, the earle of Lennox, accompanied with the earle of Glen|carne, the lord Simple, and other his friends, feoda|ries & alies, mustered on the moore before the towne of Glasco the number of foure thousand horssemen and footmen, that were there assembled to serue him, in presence of sir William Drurie, and other of the English capteins. The thrée and twentith of Maie, sir William Drurie,The armie goeth toward Hamilton. the earle of Lennox, and other the Scotish lords, and the whole armie marched to|wards the castell of Hamilton, and sending a trum|pettor, and one with him to parlée with the capteine named Andrew Hamilton, he agreed to come foorth, and one other with him, to talke with sir William Drurie, and one other gentleman, such as he should thinke good to bring with him to a place somewhat distant, as well from the castell as the campe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Herevpon sir William Drurie with his sword and target, and sir George Careie with a case of pi|stols went foorth to the appointed place, whither the capteine of the castell also with an halbert, and one other with him, hauing likewise a case of pistols, came according to appointment.Sir William Drurie tal|keth with the capteine of Hamilton castell. But after they had talked togither, and that the capteine would not in a|nie wise consent to deliuer vp the castell, he with his associat returned to their hold againe, & the English generall, with sir George Careie, came backe to the campe, and therevpon the English ordinance was presentlie placed about the castell,The English ordinance shooteth at the castell. and shot verie sore all that night: but did no great hurt, by reason they were but field péeces, and not fit for batterie. They in the castell likewise shot verie sore at the English|men, but did no great harme, sauing that there were thrée of the footmen hurt. In the palace which was a pretie house the duchesse of Chatellerault was at that time resident,The duchesse of Chatelle|rault com|mitted to the charge of an English knight. to whom sir William Drurie did re|paire, offering hir all the courtesie he might, with all that to hir apperteined, willing hir not to feare anie thing: and for hir more assurance, he committed hir to the charge of sir Thomas Maners.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 The foure and twentith of Maie, the generall gaue summons vnto the castell. And bicause they within stoode stiffelie in deniall to make surrender thereof vnto him, he was driuen to send to Striueling for some great peeces of ordinance méet to make bat|terie.Great ordi|nance sent for. In the meane time, the earles of Lennox and Morton with the horssemen,The earles of Lennox and Morton. and some shot, marched into the countrie to a verie faire house of the abbat of Kilwinnings neere adioining,The abbeit of Kilwinnings burnt. whose name was Gawen Hamilton, which house they burnt and vtter|lie defaced, spoiling it, and rasing it downe to the earth. They burnt and spoiled also seuentéene houses more belonging to men of that surname, situate néere thereabouts, wherof one belonged vnto a lard that had married with the sister of Iames Hamil|ton of Bodweie haugh, which slue the regent. There were also burnt seuen other faire houses belonging to others that were not of that surname: but yet were of their friends and alies. Moreouer, there were diuerse other of their kinred and alies that came in with humble submission, and assured themselues, firmelie promising from thensefoorth their obedience to the king.

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